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Finding a school is a daunting prospect, especially if where they’ll go is not a cut and dry decision. Maybe, like I do, you live in a city where there are a number of schools in close proximity. Maybe it’s more a case of considering all your options incase they don’t get in to your first choice. Perhaps you’re relocating and are keen to get an idea of the local schools before you commit to an area. Whatever the circumstances, choosing a school is one of the most important decisions we make as parents, and one that comes around faster than we ever imagine.

School Reviewer aims to take the stress out of picking the right school for your child. Simply by entering a location, you’re quickly able to glean information about schools you’re considering. Basic details, such as the number of children attending, Ofsted ratings, and whether the school is an academy, independent or community, are readily available. As is catchment information and academic results. Everything you could possibly want to know about your choice of school is there at your fingertips, easy to navigate, and with over twenty-five thousands schools listed, that makes School Reviewer a fantastic resource. 

school reviewer website
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Extra Features of School Reviewer

What makes School Reviewer stand out further are its extra features. School uniform, for instance, can be expensive – especially if your school includes mandatory branding as part of their uniform. School Reviewer has introduced a buy and sell area for parents to list preloved uniform and other relevant items. There’s a forum for parents, which can help to ease another stress out of the beginning of school – the school playground! We’ve all been there. We all know the school playground is one of the cliquiest places there is. Having a place online to get to know other parents and find your tribe can only be a good thing. Additionally, School Reviewer offers video walk throughs on how to score that coveted 100% on exams such as Maths GCSE and SATs. 

school reviewer website
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School Reviewer is not just an online resource for schools. These days more and more parents are employing private tutors to enhance their child’s education. Tapping into this market, the website is aiming to be the most trusted and comprehensive listings site for tutors and parents across the country, so parents can be sure they’ll be able to find the right tutor for their child’s needs.

For now, both my children are happy and settled in their primary school, and I’ve no reason to move them. But circumstances can change, people can move on, and who knows what schools will be like when it’s time to look at secondary education. I’m sure School Reviewer will prove to be a valuable resource for parents across the country. 





Starting School: School Uniforms

Who has little people starting school this September?  And who has been on the ball and has already bought all the school uniform?

For once, I haven’t left it to the very last minute.  And you know what? It feels good.

I started off back in May, when we’d definitely got her place and had had all the confirmations.  There was a uniform sale at the school so I popped along with Roo, enthusiastically brandishing my chequebook, and we had a look and tried some on.  But once we got there, we were both a bit daunted; there was so much to choose from.  

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