Dear Ruby (Now You Are Six)


Happy Birthday Ruby.  Today you are six years old.  How crazy is that?

Roo is 6 1

This year you decided you didn’t fancy a birthday party, and instead chose to go out for a fancy meal with your best friend.  Check you out, Miss Sophisticated. 

Roo is 6

Quietly, you told me you didn’t want a party because you find having lots of children around hard to deal with and overwhelming. That is ok, and we are so happy you feel comfortable enough to be able to tell us how you are feeling.  We have had lots of good chats about people and how difficult you find them to relate to over this past year, and as long as you are happy, well then we are happy, too. 

Roo is 6

You are doing so so well in school.  Every time I have seen your teacher, she has shown me your excellent work, your funny, eloquent, sometimes sassy, writing, and your fabulous grasp of numbers.  Your love of learning and knowledge is amazing, and I enjoy talking to you about your day on our walks home from school.  I love hearing about what you ate for lunch, what you did in PE, who got in trouble – you clearly love a bit of drama, like your mum – and how far up your class reward chart you got. 

Roo is 6

You’ve done a lot of travelling this past year, you lucky girl.  We went to France last summer, on a cruise around the Med in October, and to Bruges in February.  You loved stopping off at Barcelona on the cruise, and were enthralled by the Gaudí buildings.  And in Bruges you climbed up 365 steps to the top of the Belfry, which your Dad and I were amazed by. 

Roo is 6 3

Back at home, you’ve moved up to grade 1 in Ballet.  We started talking about you moving up a class back in December, and you finally moved after Easter.  I know it was a big deal for you and I know you were very nervous, but I’ll never forget the day we went to get your character shoes from the dance shop and you saw a teenage ballerina getting fitted for her pointe shoes.  You couldn’t stop staring and said she looked beautiful.  When the lady fitted your shoes, you demonstrated perfect spring points, and she was delighted.  I know it seems like sometimes I push you to keep on doing ballet, but if I thought you didn’t love it, I’d never make you go.  And I know you love it, so you’re going. 

Today we are having a chilled day, at your request.  We are going to walk up the road to the local ice cream parlour and you can order whatever you like from the menu. 

We can’t wait to see what this year brings for you.  There are some big things in the pipeline.

Love you bunches,

Mummy x

Siblings in May, Bursledon Windmill

bursledon windmill

Ross took our two to Bursledon Windmill this afternoon whilst I stayed at home to make dinner, ensure school uniforms were clean, and get some work done.  Oh the life of a freelancer. 

The windmill is going through some restoration work at the moment, and its sails had been removed.  Despite this, they returned having had a great time.  It looks like they had fun, doesn’t it?  

R and E Bursledon1 

bursledon windmill

bursledon windmill


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World Book Day

World Book Day Matilda

Today is World Book Day, and like thousands of other little girls and boys, Roo got to dress up as a character from a book today.  We thought about it and decided on Matilda, from the Roald Dahl book of the same name.  It suits little Roo well, she always has her nose in a book, she’s sensitive, inquisitive and very, very bright.  No mad telekinesis skills yet though.  

She does, however, have nicer parents than Matilda, and as far as I know, there is no chokey to be thrown into at school.

World Book Day Matilda

 That copy of Matilda is well loved; I used to read that very book when I was a child, and remember loving it.  But reading it now gives me a completely different perspective of the story.  What was a story about a little girl who had the magical ability to move things with her eyes, and used it to get one over on her horrible family and tyrannical head teacher has become a somewhat darker tale, but one that we still love, nevertheless.

It’s funny how that often happens with children’s books, certainly a lot of Roald Dahl’s novels have fairly sinister undertones, but also books like The Secret Garden (spoilt, bratty child, shipped halfway across the world after the death of her parents, to a place where no one cares about her existence, and ends up practicing voodoo on the Yorkshire moors whilst her invalid cousin slowly falls in love with her) and The Velveteen Rabbit (a full on tear jerker about a toy rabbit who spends most of his life craving the acknowledgement of his thoroughly spoilt owner, only to be saved from certain death at the very last minute by a fairy who turns him into a real bunny after scarlet fever condemns everything to the bonfire). See also, ANYTHING by Maurice Sendak, with the exception of Where the Wild Things Are, which is fabulous.  And don’t even get me started on fairytales. So dark, so brilliant. 

We love literature, and it’s ability to be different things to different people.  Books are amazing, and reading is something I just don’t do enough of, but thankfully, Roo does.  I hope she always loves reading the way she does now. 


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Spicy Chickpeas and Sweet Potato

5:2 recipe spicy chickpeas and sweet potato

Whilst on the browse for something to make for dinner yesterday, I came across this recipe for spiced chickpeas and sweet potato on Pinterest, and decided to give it a bash.  We all love chickpeas, and it very much fitted into our clean eating, non processed, healthy way of eating. 

Elliot was napping and Ruby was looking for something to do, and so I let her cook dinner. 

I tend to use recipes as more of a guide than as something that needs to be followed to a T, and I did make a few changes, mainly based around what I had in the fridge that needed eating up (a courgette) and what I didn’t have that the recipe called for (coriander seeds).  I did the chopping, can opening, and heavily supervised when Roo was at the hob, but really, she did the majority of the work. 

From bashing up the spices…

chickpeas and sweet potato

and adding the chipotle paste…

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Dear Ruby (Now You Are Five)

Happy birthday, tiny lady, today you are five years old. 

DSC_9730This has been one of the biggest years for you.  In September you started school.  We were lucky – you got into our first choice of school, and are in a class with your best friend.  You took to school like a duck to water, and you love to show me all your work and the things you do there when I’ve come in to your classroom.  You’ve gone from tightly gripping my hand as I walked you to your classroom door to skipping off into school with your friends, without even looking back in the space of just a few short months.  You should know that I always always stand and wait until you have gone inside before I walk home, and you’re always so proud to tell me when you’ve gone on the sunshine board for good behaviour and smart choices, or when you’ve gone up a reading level.  Your handwriting has come on in leaps and bounds as well, and I am always finding sweet little handwritten notes and drawings you’ve done around the house.  

I know you think I chuck them out, but I actually put them on a shelf, safe away from your brother’s sticky little fingers. 

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