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Mothers Day

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streetfood steph

Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday, but in a break from tradition I did not spend the weekend with my children.  Instead I had a brilliant weekend in London.   A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to score tickets to see The Cure live at the Royal Albert Hall.  By lucky, what I… Read More

You’re so naive, yet so

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Back in 2006, when Ross was trying desperately to woo me, and I was trying (and often failing) to play it cool and hard-to-get, I’d spend a fair bit of time at his flat, which later became our flat, in King’s Cross.  We’d have CSI Tuesday, where, as the name suggests, we’d get a Chinese… Read More

somewhere in my heart

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One of my first memories is that of my parent’s record collection.  It was huge.  I couldn’t tell you exactly how much vinyl my mum and dad had but believe me, it was a lot.  I was 4 when they divorced (don’t feel bad for me, it really didn’t affect me much as a human…. Read More

Dubious Swimwear

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The theme of Mumra’s Playlist this week is School Disco.. hmm. Well, we only had them at my primary school, and I can assure y’all there was no lingering smell of cider.  Only Panda Pops. Remember those?  Sticky, sickly sweet, strange flavours. In any case, I am a child of the late 80′s/90′s and for… Read More

wish you were here

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The track I’ve chosen as my theme tune for Mumra’s Playlist is one that I have had massive massive love for since I first heard it almost ten years ago.  I love the entire album, but there is just something about this song… My friend Ve can vouch for this; we spent many many hours… Read More