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paddywax reed diffuser

paddywax reed diffuser

I have a deep and eternal appreciation for all things lavender. I like a lavender shortbread biscuit, and the contrast of the dark flecks amongst the white crystals in lavender sugar. On my dressing table, I have lavender hand cream and lavender deodorant. Pair it with the parma violet shampoo you can buy from Lush, and it’s beginning to smell a lot like fancy old ladies in here. I’m not really one for gardening, but I have plans to get someone to plant lavender all over my front garden. A good day out, in my opinion, would be a trip to the New Forest Lavender Farm. Or that place in Hitchin, except that’s a bit of a mission. 

Anyway, you get the idea. My love of those tiny purple flowers knows no bounds. 

So when sent me a Paddywax reed diffuser to review with a lavender and thyme fragrance. Well, let’s just say, I was excited. Happily, I didn’t have to wait long, it arrived the day after I got the dispatch email. Efficient service. Hoorah!

paddywax reed diffuser

The packaging is good and robust (and recycled), and inside, each element is separate, meaning you can put as much or as little of the oil in the bottle as takes your fancy. I half filled mine, so it should last longer and stay fresher. 

And what about the scent? Because that’s, by and large, what you care about in a room fragrance, non? It’s fragrant and aromatic, and very, very relaxing. A nice lavendery-thymey hit. Far more effective than the bunch of dried lavender I stuffed inside a china cat ornament I’ve had forever a while back. Far more pleasant than the white musk (White musk? What even is this? The Body Shop circa 1993?) reed diffuser I had previously.

paddywax reed diffuser

All in all, I really rate this diffuser. It really freshens up the room, and the bottle is cute enough to easily be repurposed after my diffuser is spent. A very nice product and one I’m happy to have in my home. have very kindly given me a code to share with my readers. Just enter 15BPROMO at the checkout for 15% off your order. New customers only! 

I was sent the Paddywax reed diffuser by for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

Crocheted Christmas Gifts for Teacher

crocheted christmas decorations baubles

Today was the last day of Roo’s first term at school, and she was excited to take in the gifts we (read: I) had made for her teachers.  We went for some simple crocheted Christmas decorations, because we thought they’d be inundated with Christmas chocolates, and it’s nice to make things if you have the time and/or inclination.

crocheted christmas decorations baubles

The pattern for the baubles I got from here.  I love that website for crochet inspiration and pretty things to look at, and the stars I made up myself.  I am sure I didn’t invent the pattern, in that, it’s almost certainly been done before, but I didn’t make them from a pattern, moreover I just made them up from my knowledge of crochet.

crocheted christmas decorations stars

Roo and I were very pleased with how they turned out.  I think I’ll make more of an effort to pick up sticks and crochet more often.

Shabby Chic Standard Lamp

shabby chic lamp

shabby chic lampSince we moved down to the South Coast, into a house that needed an awful lot more furniture than we had, I’ve had some romantic idea that I’d upcycle the 80’s knotty pine I picked up from Gumtree and second hand furniture shops into something shabby chic and wonderful, and then scatter cushions covered in vintage Cath Kidston style fabric all over the place, display tea sets and cake stands on a dresser and and always have freshly baked scones knocking about in the kitchen.

Well, that has definitely not happened.  I still have a lot of knotty pine, though I quite like it, and my tea set is stored in a box on top of my kitchen units.

It’s not that I have changed my mind, it’s more that I wanted to paint and distress my furniture in the garden, over the summer, and we all know summer this year turned out to be a huge washout.  But we were given a standard lamp not long ago, and last Friday was a nice day, so I nipped out to B&Q for some paint.

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