A Perfect English Country Wedding

english country wedding

On Friday, Ross’ best friend, Mark, got married to Becca, his sweetheart from Vet school. 

As soon as he got home from work on Thursday, Ross and I bundled the kids in the car, and set off for Devon.

It was a long drive down the A303.  Eventually, the small ones fell asleep, but not before Roo educated us all on crescent moons, and by the time we had arrived it was midnight, so we went straight to bed.

On Friday morning, we woke up to hot sunshine and this view.

english country wedding

First of all, can you imagine waking up to this glorious vista every single day?  

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5 Reasons I Loved Britmums Live 2013


I’m back (and a little deflated) after the most amazing, hilarious, emotional, and certainly friendliest weekend I’ve had this year.  

On Friday morning, I jumped on a train with Annie and Helen, got stuck in to the gin (and what?) and hard and nutty chocs and high tailed it to the Big Smoke for Britmums Live, an event I’ve been looking forward to since before Christmas (not even kidding).  We all dropped bags off at our hotel, by which point Bryony and Alice had arrived, so whilst the others nipped off to the pub, we stayed behind for a sneaky margarita.  And that was the beginning of a very boozy weekend.  I am not entirely sure we were completely compos mentis again until Sunday morning.


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Snow Day


This morning, I was just getting ready to get Roo to school.  I’d made her lunch, she’d snarfed down some toast with chocolate spread, her teeth had been brushed and her uniform was on.  I looked at my phone to find a text from the school:


Oh, the possibilities.  Half an hour later we got a message from our friends from up the road, asking if we wanted to go over for snow fun and warm drinks.

Yes please! These friends are FUN! We always enjoy ourselves when we spend time together – we even went on holiday together in the summer.  So midmorning, we bundled ourselves up, and trundled up to their house, chucking the odd snowball at each other on the way.  Roo found a patch of fresh, untouched snow far too tempting not to lie down in and make a snow angel.


Nice chatter, nice biscuits and chai latte.  Just what is needed before heading out for a snowball fight. 

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A Reunion

chin wag

I am not one of those parents who allows their child time off for no good reason.  Unless she has a temperature, or has been puking, or a broken bone, or a contagious rash, if it’s a school day, you can bet she’ll be there.

Kicking and screaming, perhaps but there nonetheless.  I read a statistic somewhere that children of stay-at-home parents tend to have worse school attendance than children of working parents, and so I have made it my personal mission not to be part of that statistic.

Having said that, today, I did allow Roo to skive off school

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I need a break

And this weekend, at some point, I am getting one.  It’s not that I don’t love staying in every single night. Cough. And it’s not that I don’t live for the Witching Hour (6-10pm pretty much every night). Ahem.  And I don’t harbour any bitterness whatsoever for the fact that my husband gets to go out whenever he likes because he doesn’t have the equipment to feed our baby the way nature intended.  But you know, something’s got to give.  So one night this weekend, in the interests of equality and all that, the reins are well and truly being handed to him.

Insert massive cheer here.

The last time I donned my high heels and went out was last September, for my sister’s birthday. I was pregnant then so only had one very cheeky drink and was the designated driver. Husband and I were home and tucked up in bed by 11pm. Oh, the rebellion. (hey, it’s tiring being pregnant, okay?!)

It’s high time that was rectified, and this weekend my bestie is here to visit. I haven’t seen her since the second week of the x-factor live shows (I know that because we discussed how much we hated half the acts whilst stuffing our faces with Dominoes Pizza).  Clearly, we have much to catch up on.

So, Medela bottles have been purchased, milk has been expressed, skinny jeans have been washed and my trusty black suede high heels have been dug out and dusted off, and this weekend I fully intend to neck a few cocktails and have a little boogie.

Watch out, Southampton.