Summer Clothes for Kids

stripes are nice

The summer holidays mean a break in routine, it means the kids playing outside in the garden til late, it means picnics in the park, trips to the beach, paddling pools and holidays.

My kids do like to watch a bit of TV, but on the whole they are pretty active little people – they love going on fairy hunts at country parks, or racing each other around the park on their scooters.  I can open up the back door and they’ll spend ages playing in the garden.  And their clothes really have to reflect that.  When I buy clothes for them, I like them to be robustly made, easy to wash, comfy, but most of all, I like my kids to dress like kids.  Shorts and t shirts are standard for my boy when the weather is warm, likewise Roo usually chooses dresses she can get on and off easily, so she can be first in the swimming pool.

I really like the holiday shop at Alex and Alexa, their range of kids summer and holiday clothes are just the kind of things my offspring look great in, and it’s way too easy to spend ages perusing the website, putting together outfits for them.  This stripy t-shirt, for instance, could be dressed up with long shorts for an evening out, but equally, toddler son could happily scrap around in the garden or the park wearing it.  

stripes are nice

And I know my girly girl would love this dress; its versatile and very cute, she could wear it with a cardigan thrown over her shoulders in the evening, or with her trilby and sunglasses at the festival we are going to in August.  

If you know me, you’ll know that clothes shopping is pretty much my all time favourite activity, and these days, I almost have more fun dressing my kids than I do picking out my own wardrobe. 

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Summer Fashion Wishlist

shorts top

maxi dressOur summer holiday is nearly upon us.  We are literally counting down the days until we drive on the ferry and sail over to France for a week.  I can’t wait for the sunshine and the beach and the pool, and did I mention the sunshine?

And as a reward for shifting some fairly stubborn lbs earlier on during the year, I’m treating myself to a few new summery bits and pieces.  

I’ve got my eye on maxi dresses from New Look.  Something colourful and floaty in a light chiffon fabric.  

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Autumn Fashion

Autumn Fashion 2012

Autumn Fashion 2012I am right in the middle of the fashion doldrums and I think its because Auntie Flo is coming to visit, the gnarly old bag.

I can’t really complain too much.  Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and being on the mini pill has kept her away for two and a half years.  Now I’ve stopped breastfeeding, and have no plans to spawn again, I’ve switched back to the combined pill, and will be surfing the crimson wave again on the regular. Oh joy.

So, to cheer myself up, I hit West Quay shopping centre yesterday with my sister, my purse loaded with £35 store credit to use at New Look courtesy of a refund they refused to put back on my card, and a couple of hours to kill in H&M.  It’s been a little while since I fed my shopping addiction, and I was getting twitchy for a new outfit.

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Next’s Dress For Christmas Competition

Next navy hi tops

One of the main Mars/Venus differences between Ross and I, are our feelings on clothes shopping.  Actually, the act of swapping money for goods in general, brings him out in a bit of a sweat, and forces his brow into a deep, unforgiving furrow.  Whereas, there is very little I enjoy more than meandering around a shopping centre of a morning.  Perhaps stopping for a coffee afterwards, whilst gazing lovingly over my purchases.

When I can persuade him to go, I pretty much pick out what I think would look good on him, and shove him, arms full, into the changing room.  I can’t understand why he hates it so much; Ross looks great in clothes.

Northern Mum is hosting a competition to win a £500 Next giftcard, which appeals to the shopping addict in me, as well as to my bank balance-conscious husband.  Hoorah!  If I win, hopefully it will be a shopping trip he can tolerate!  Entering is simple, and fun; you have to pick out Christmas outfits for your household from the collections on their website. Here are mine:

Firstly, an outfit for Ross:

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What I Wore Wednesday: FrOctober Week 1


This month, I am taking part in FrOctober, wearing a dress every day in October and generally making a noise about it, all to raise awareness of post natal illnesses.

If you’re a regular reader of this here blog, you’ll know that after my son was born, I was diagnosed with post natal depression.  Instead of sorting it out when I knew the so-called baby blues weren’t going away, I tried to deal with it on my own.  I didn’t tell anyone how I felt, and after a while it got the better of me and I was a huge bitch to everyone, including, to my shame and guilt, my three year old daughter.  Although my baby boy is now a pudgy little toddler who runs about and pulls my hair, my PND never really went away, and now it’s just plain old D.  I am now fairly certain I’ll have bouts of it for the foreseeable, and I won’t be coming off the happy pills any time soon.

Anyway, in short, PNIs SUCK! They really are the last thing new parents need on their plates, what with the brand new screeching human, the leaky boobs, the month-long period no one really tells you about, and the lack of sleep.

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What I Wore Wednesday


This is the very first time I have taken part in this meme, but it sounded fun, and now the sun has come out to play, I am out of my standard uniform of skinny jeans and converse.

So, here is today’s outfit.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, circa 2010.  I love this dress, it’s quite smocky, and very comfy and cool.  The photo doesn’t do the pattern justice at all, but it’s tiny heart-shaped flowers.  

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