Wot So Funee? Haribo Heart Sweets En Français


wot-so-funeeThis evening, Roo took ages to go to sleep. Ages. She’d read her books and watched the lava lamp, but by the time we’d finished dinner, she was crying into her pillow.  Fortunately we are visiting my Mum, which means my sister is around, and there is nothing my kid likes more than a good late night chinwag with her aunt.

Megan just came downstairs chuckling to herself.  She’d been talking nonsense with Roo, and they’d been making up words.  Ruby had turned around and said,


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Mother’s Day

mother's day UK

This weekend, my Mutti came down from the Big Smoke to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Granny. Yesterday, after my nice long lie in, whilst reading my Smutty Book, and drinking a nice cup of tea, as provided by my four year old, we headed on out to spend the day together.

Yes yes yes, I’m shamelessly reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. And to add to that shamelessness, I even got it out of the local library.  Asking the librarian for the last in the series whilst my toddler son was throwing a tantrum in the fiction section was… interesting.  I reckon, by her knowing look, she’d read it, too.  All Christian and Anastasia seem to do is argue and have sex and he flaunts his wealth whilst her Inner Goddess (yup, really) performs various dances. Despite it’s trashiness, I’m enjoying it.  It’s a harmless, easy read you don’t have to think about.

Anyway, we pitched up just before lunch was served, and sat down to a super delicious pot roast Ma and Chris had cooked, mashed potato and green veggies.  So so good.  So good, infact, I had seconds.  Oink!


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I Love: Summer Barbecues

Dishy Husband

I do love a barbecue.  Probably because a barbecue in my house means all I have to do for dinner is whip up some kind of green salad, and make a potato salad.  All the grilling is left to Ross, and I know we haven’t consistently had the weather for it this summer, but it really doesn’t have to be a big work up.

My Dad (commonly known as Paaj, or Paaji if my sister and I are feeling affectionate) and step mum have just returned to the UK after a nine year stint in New Zealand.  Hooray! It was about time – the grandchildren were only going to get older and less baby-like.  They popped round this afternoon after an interview and brief shopping trip in Southampton and stayed for a nice, boozy barbecue dinner.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon, and hopefully a nice welcome home for Dad and Lynda.

Here are my tips for a successful barbecue:

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My Hat Trick of Wedding Faux Pas

Mr & Mrs

So, this weekend saw my brother in law, Ben, marry his Fiancée, Harriet.

We have been looking forward to this wedding for months now.  We have been going to dress fittings.  We have been making the Order of Service booklets.  We have been organising the hen night.

(by “we”, I mean “me”.  My husband had no part in any of the above.  Except for the looking forward bit.)

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Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend (I’ll drink to that)


I am having an off week.  Everything seems like a gargantuan chore.  I have no energy or enthusiasm for much.  I have been wracking my brains thinking of something to blog about, but inspiration has fled.  I am finding it very difficult to get up in the morning.

I hate you, PND.  I hate how thick my head feels, and I hate how emo this post is. Fuck you, chemical imbalance.

Pass me the damn Sertraline.

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Kid art, by me (age 4)

front page

Yesterday, Ross brought home something my Granny has kept safe in a drawer for about twenty-three years.  She’s a funny one, my Granny, mad as a bag of frogs, entirely mischievous and completely hilarious.  She goes to the gym every day, wears a velour tracksuit and often says hugely inappropriate things about blow jobs and mankinis.

And then she keeps things like this and you see an entirely different side to her; she’s kind, and sweet and she loves her family very very fiercely.

I had no idea this even existed

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