Wicked Game

wicked game ukulele cover

So this feels…. gratuitous, and I don’t know why. Probably because I am very self deprecating. To the point where I annoy myself. I’m not great at tooting my own horn. I tend to get in there first and put myself down a bit, so that no one else can. It’s by far the lamest thing about me. But then, why would I take the time and make the effort to record and (very roughly) produce these little covers and then post them up on the internet if I didn’t want people to hear them? 

I make ukulele covers and I put them up on Soundcloud. People tell me they’re good, so I’m going to try to start accepting that at face value. I like to do songs that you wouldn’t automatically assume would work on a ukulele. It’s got to the point where I hear a song on the radio or on Spotify and my first thought is, ‘Ohh, I wonder what the chord progression is?’

So here’s my cover of Wicked Game by everyone’s favourite one crooner, Chris Isaak. My friend Cory used the word ‘intense’ when he heard it.

And, over on the other side of the world, I snorted and went about my day, because it took me about 3 hours to do from start to finish and didn’t feel in the least bit intense. But now I’ve listened to it again, I really quite like it. And just maybe he’s a little bit right.