Kung Hei Fat Choi – Cooking Cashew Chicken With My Small Daughter

Ta daaah! Cashew Chicken!

Ruby-Roo has always enjoyed cooking.  Before she discovered The Disney Channel and all things Mickey Mouse, she used to be fond of that irritatingly chirpy Katie, who presents I Can Cook on CBeebies.  We tried out a few recipes every now and again, and that has since evolved to helping me out most evenings as I cook dinner for us all.

Whether it be grating, stirring, or cracking eggs, she is on it like a bonnet.

Today, being Chinese New Year, I decided to make Mandajuice’s Cashew Chicken.  I’ve made it a few times before and each time I do, I am reminded of how epic it really is.  OK, so it’s a bit of a work up, and not a quick supper by any means, but the time and effort is definitely worth it.

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Roast Dinner Pie

pie of wonderment

Roast Dinner Pie 333

It’s an easy one today, which is fortunate, as I feel like a dying piece of death.  So we are loving our leftovers with roast dinner pie.

I actually constructed this pie on Christmas day, just before I went to bed, with every intention of eating it yesterday.  However, we had turkey quesadillas for lunch, and turkey twice in one day is just too much.  So it had another day in the fridge, and it did it no harm.

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Loving your leftovers (Christmas edition)

Well, that’s that, then, for another year.  Christmas is over.  Hands up whoever is feeling like they never want to see another morsel of turkey ever again (at least until next year)?

And hands up who has an abundance of turkey left over, in your fridge, looking a bit sorry for itself.

Yep, me too.

Over the next few days I’m going to blog about what I’ve done with my Christmas leftovers, and maybe it will provide some inspiration for what you can do with yours.

So, today, I’m sharing what I did with my turkey bones, and no, I didn’t just chuck them out. 

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Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce One thing that always makes me feel Christmassy (aside from putting up the decs) is making cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner.

It should be said that we don’t use cranberry sauce as a condiment, rather as a side dish all of it’s very own.  This is partly why I like to make it from scratch, the flavour is far far superior to a shop bought cranberry sauce, and the texture is softer and less gelatinous.  We tend to eat the entire jar of sauce in the one sitting.

This sauce is so ridiculously easy that it’s almost easier to make it up rather than buy it, so if you don’t usually make your own, why not give it a try this year?

You need:

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Herman the Friendship Cake

Do any of you out there like to bake? Of course you do! Who doesn’t like to bake every now and then?

Well I like to bake, too.  And the other week I was given something pretty cool by my friend Dee.  She popped round with a sourdough cake starter called Herman.

Bear with me.  This is a real thing.  You can google it.  His name is actually Herman.

Anyway, this is no quick cake fix.  You have to look after Herman, nurture him, feed him, stir him, dare I say, love him, for 9 days.  Herman lives in a bowl, under a tea towel, somewhere warm.  He smells somewhat yeasty (not surprising since one of his ingredients is active yeast) and he comes with a set of instructions that at least involve a stir, and at most involve bunging in some milk, sugar and flour.  In short, Herman is a labour of love.

After a week or so, the bubbly mixture is divided into four new starter mixes, three of which are then distributed to deserving folk who will enjoy him, and the other one is combined with flour, oil, eggs, sugar, and a few other ingredients, and then baked into something magical.  Or, do as I did; gift one, bake two ad keep the final quarter as a new starter mix and repeat the process all over again… and again, and again.

There are only two problems with Herman, and that is that he’s a little too delicious.  He never ever lasts long in my house, and he’s really messing with my Weight Watchers mojo.  And he’s a little too versatile, I’ve tried apple and sultana (it tasted American, and is my husband’s firm favourite), carrot and courgette (work with me here, people, it was truly amazing), double chocolate (oddly, not so good, much to my dismay) and tomorrow I’m going to try making a carrot and pineapple Herman.

And then, that really has to be it. Herman has to go, his cakey goodness is far too tempting for me and my waistline.