5:2 Friday

5:2 diet

5:2 dietWelcome to 5:2 Friday!

This is a brand new linky where folk doing the 5:2 diet can share recipe ideas, inspiration, meal plans. Whatever you like.  Join in, link up, make yourself at home, I’ll pop the kettle on.

This week has been pretty easy for me, as I’ve been staying with my mum.  She also does the 5:2 diet and we have been supporting each other.  She really helped me keep my mitts out of the chocolate box whilst we sat around the fire on Monday night.  She’s a goodun, my Ma.

5:2 cauliflower riceI tried something new on Thursday and made cauliflower rice, which I have heard a lot about recently, and got from here.  It was interesting.  Nice.  Definitely a base for something, rather than a dry accompaniment. It would be lovely with a curry, or in place of cous cous in a tabouleh.

So, here are this week’s meals.

Fasting Day 1 (Monday)

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