Easter Egg Cake Pops

easter egg cake pops

easter egg cake popsRenshaw Baking sent me some goodies last week to make easter themed cake pops.  I like to keep things simple, so we went for egg shaped cake pops which we then decorated to look like Easter eggs. 

Cakes pops are simple enough to make, they just take a bit of time.  Assuming you don’t have a cake pop mould, you make a cake, smash it up and combine it with frosting or buttercream to make a fudgey consistency, refrigerate, shape into whatever your cakey heart desires, and dip in melted chocolate, or candy melts and decorate. 



easter cake pops

Bakerella, I ain’t.  Still, I’m not displeased with my efforts. 

If you want to make these easter egg cake pops, here is how to do it:

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Herman the Friendship Cake

Do any of you out there like to bake? Of course you do! Who doesn’t like to bake every now and then?

Well I like to bake, too.  And the other week I was given something pretty cool by my friend Dee.  She popped round with a sourdough cake starter called Herman.

Bear with me.  This is a real thing.  You can google it.  His name is actually Herman.

Anyway, this is no quick cake fix.  You have to look after Herman, nurture him, feed him, stir him, dare I say, love him, for 9 days.  Herman lives in a bowl, under a tea towel, somewhere warm.  He smells somewhat yeasty (not surprising since one of his ingredients is active yeast) and he comes with a set of instructions that at least involve a stir, and at most involve bunging in some milk, sugar and flour.  In short, Herman is a labour of love.

After a week or so, the bubbly mixture is divided into four new starter mixes, three of which are then distributed to deserving folk who will enjoy him, and the other one is combined with flour, oil, eggs, sugar, and a few other ingredients, and then baked into something magical.  Or, do as I did; gift one, bake two ad keep the final quarter as a new starter mix and repeat the process all over again… and again, and again.

There are only two problems with Herman, and that is that he’s a little too delicious.  He never ever lasts long in my house, and he’s really messing with my Weight Watchers mojo.  And he’s a little too versatile, I’ve tried apple and sultana (it tasted American, and is my husband’s firm favourite), carrot and courgette (work with me here, people, it was truly amazing), double chocolate (oddly, not so good, much to my dismay) and tomorrow I’m going to try making a carrot and pineapple Herman.

And then, that really has to be it. Herman has to go, his cakey goodness is far too tempting for me and my waistline.

Anyone for cheesecake?

We have an 8″ vanilla cheesecake that arrived this morning.  It’s a sample of our wedding cake and right now it’s defrosting in my fridge.

English Cheesecake Company
Cheesecake of Glory

I saw the English Cheesecake Company at the National Wedding Show last November and that was it, I was sold. What could possibly be nicer than a vanilla and strawberry cheesecake at a July wedding?  I stopped looking at other cakes there and then and happily ticked it off my gargantuan list of Things To Organise.

So I called and ordered on Thursday, and it arrived this morning.  In dry ice, no less.  And can I just take a moment to remind you of your GCSE Chemistry lessons and that dry ice is cold.  Very very cold.  I’d go out on a limb and say it’s the coldest thing I’ve ever held.  Because in my excitement to get to my cake, I did not heed the warning and I picked up the bag of dry ice with my bare hands.  Ouch!

Always wear oven mitts when handling dry ice.
What I should have done.

It took a few seconds to register that my fingers were, infact, freezing, before I realised what I was doing.  Fortunately, an hour or so later, my hands are fine, pink and warmed up nicely.  And the dry ice has warmed up and dissipated.  That is a mistake I shan’t be making again.

I’ve already tasted my cake and let me tell you it’s melt-in-the-mouth amazing.  Creamy and delicious and a real pleasure to eat.  I know it’s going to go down a storm at my wedding this summer, especially with all those gorgeous strawberries piled up on top.  If you ever fancy a cheesecake, the English Cheesecake Company is without a doubt the place to get it.