Organix Veg and Oat Bars

I am one of those mothers who shamelessly feeds her children whilst going around the supermarket.  Mainly to keep them sweet whilst I ponder over what to buy (because obviously, I’ve forgotten to make a list), and also because I get the inevitable whine about being hungry as soon as we get through the doors.

So often, it’s straight to the kid’s snack aisle for us, and I usually try to pick up something that’s easy to eat and not too junky, though I will admit that if I am peckish, too, it might be a packet of biscuits over a bag of rice cakes.  Just saying.

The other day, Organix sent us some of their new Oat and Veg bars to try.  Mother and Baby Magazine have described them as a savoury flapjack, and in line with the rest of the Goodies range, these bars come with the No Junk Promise, containing only natural ingredients.  As my kids are rather partial to oaty snacks, we were excited to tuck in!

My little son was particularly taken.  He only has five teeth but managed to pack away the soft bar in next to no time.  They have a very tomatoey flavour which he definitely enjoyed, if his smiley, orange smeared face was anything to go by.

My daughter was slightly less enamoured, but she’s always had a sweeter tooth.  It’s hard to get any vegetables down her (especially green ones), but she’ll happily munch through packet after packet of raisins.   Still, it wasn’t wasted, as aforementioned baby son quickly hoovered it up.

These bars are available now in Tesco, and will soon be stocked at your local Sainsbury’s, Boots, Asda and Waitrose stores.  They retail at £2.49 and make a great alternative to the sweet snacks that are on the shelves.

Disclosure: Organix sent us a packet of their Oat and Veg bars in exchange for this review. 

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