Paleo Pork Meatballs

paleo pork meatballs 1My first week of paleo eating has drawn to a close.  I stuck it it like glue during the week, even foregoing garlic bread on Wednesday.

Garlic bread.  You guys, I deserve a medal. 

Admittedly I was more lax this weekend, and ate meringue, and a couple of slices of cake.  I don’t think Palaeolithic folk had Eton mess, or banana cake.  But on Saturday we ate shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash, and today we had a barbecue where I ate meat and salad.  So a couple of sneaky desserts is not the end of the world.

I’m kind of amazed at how easy I have found it so far – when Helen convinced me to give it a go, I said I’d commit to a week because how on earth could I ever live without bread?  Or Linguine?  Or rice? How would I ever be able to go a week without nibbling a biscuit with my coffee? 

Well, I managed, and it was easy.  In fact, when everyone else ate spag bol, and I ate bol with roasted cauliflower and a salad (thanks for that tip Alice), the very last thing I wanted was the pasta.  So I fully intend to carry on.

To end my first week, I made pork meatballs, with ginger, garlic, courgette, coriander, and spring onions, and they were good.  We ate them with salad and guacamole, which was a nice contrast to the Thai inspired flavours of the meatballs.  Also, because guac goes with everything.

paleo pork meatballs 2

To make these meatballs for four people, you will need

500g pork mince
a handful of fresh coriander
3cm fresh ginger, peeled and grated
The zest of 1 lemon
3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled and grated
½ courgette, coarsely grated
2 spring onions
salt and pepper

Put all the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until mixed.  I quite liked the fact the spring onions were chunky in the meatballs, but if that isn’t your bag, then just make sure they are finely chopped before they go into the processor.

If you’re not using a food processor, then just chop everything as finely as you can and combine everything together with your hands.  

You can make the meatballs as large or small as you like.  I used a teaspoon to get bite sized pieces, rolled them into balls using my hands, and then flattened them a little in the pan, almost like Frikadellen.  

Fry them in small batches so the pan stays hot.  This will make enough meatballs for four people – three if you’re a bit greedy. 

Serve them straightaway, or store them in the fridge for snacks. 

paleo pork meatballs 3


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  1. these sound so good & I just happen to have some pork mince in the fridge! I have found it so much easier than I thought – I think it’s because I have spent the time planning & preparing & making foods with plenty of flavour.
    Thanks for the mention & I’m glad you gave it a go – I’m off to eat that creme egg now! ;-)

  2. I started looking into Paleo recently, more for the energy/health side of things than the weight side, but I just can’t see myself managing to give up my favourites – carbs! I think it would almost be easier for me to give up wine and chocs than to give up carbs! So hats off to you for doing this. However these pork meatballs do look amazeballs (see what I did there?!), so maybe I can do Paleo on and off? Pinning it now….just in case….

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