Love Your Leftovers – Red Pepper Pork Pasta

red pepper pork pasta

red pepper pork pastaWe came home from a weekend visiting friends in Devon with a bag of leftover hog roast.  A friend who packs you off home with a bag o’ pig is a friend indeed.  Well chuffed, I was.  

We ate it with a chopped salad and homemade chips last night, Ross took some for his lunch today, and tonight we had it with pasta in a creamy sauce with smoked paprika, and garlic bread on the side. 

I suppose it was a little like a stroganoff, and if pasta isn’t your thing, you could serve it over rice.  Or it could serve 2 as a stew with green vegetables.  Keep the garlic bread though.  Every meal is better with buttery garlic bread. 

Needless to say, we were happy hogs after tonight’s dinner.

To make Red Pepper Pork Pasta for 4, you will need: 

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Ceviche Inspired Fish Tacos

ceviche inspired fish tacos

ceviche inspired fish tacosInstead of our usual May Day Bank Holiday Barbecue, I decided to make us something a little different today: ceviche inspired fish tacos. 

For those of you not enamoured with the idea of ceviche, worry not! These tacos do not contain raw fish, or even fish cooked by the magic of lime juice alone.  The fish is cooked in a pan, on a hob, over flame or other heat source, and only marinated in lime juice. 

So now I have hopefully reassured you, this is how it’s done.  I was sent vouchers to buy the ingredients from Morrisons, so to let you know the cost per serving, I’ll be adding the prices next to the ingredients. 

ceviche inspired fish tacos

To make ceviche inspired fish tacos for four lucky people, you will need

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5:2 Prawn Stir Fry

5:2 prawn stir fry

5:2 prawn stir fryI’m back on the 5:2 wagon, after falling spectacularly off at the end of the summer last year.  I didn’t feel up to fasting through winter, for one reason or another.  I’ve re-evaluated and relaxed about it a little, and have even been using the odd convenience food here and there to make the calorie counting easier.

I KNOW, RIGHT?  You can pick your jaws off the floor now. 

Tonight we had a stir fry with loads of veg, king prawns, and vermicelli noodles, and it came in at under 300 calories for a huge serving.  Nobody went hungry this evening, and the children enjoyed it just as much as Ross and I. 

To make this prawn stir fry, you’ll need:

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Pizza Bianca with Spinach, Artichoke & Ricotta

pizza bianca

pizza biancaA few days ago, a pizza bianca popped up on my Pinterest feed, and immediately I knew I’d be creating something similar.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. 

Pizza bianca is pizza without the tomato sauce.  It’s really rather excellent. My favourite pizza bianca was with spicy italian sausage and chilli oil, which I used to get from our local Italian restaurant when we lived in London. 

In the end, I made pizza bianca with spinach and ricotta, artichoke, grated chilli, mozzarella (standard) and parmesan.  If I’d had pine nuts to hand I’d have sprinkled on a few of those, but I didn’t.  So I couldn’t.

Either way, it went down extremely well.

To make this pizza bianca (and you absolutely won’t regret it), you’ll need:

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Three Ingredient Mackerel Pâté

smoked mackerel pate

smoked mackerel pateIf ever there was a lunch I am always always in the mood for, it’s smoked fish pâté smeared liberally over fresh bread.  You can make it with trout if you’re feeling flush or, as I do, with smoked mackerel. 

You do not need to buy fancy smoked mackerel with added chilli or pepper or whatever for this, Sainsbury’s Basics range is perfect, as you are going to jazz it up with lemon and pepper anyway.  Three fillets will ensure you end up with a lovely big bowlful.  It lasts for up to a week in a good cold fridge, so you never need go without smoked fish pâté ever again.

To make a lovely big batch of mackerel pâté, you will need:

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Easter Egg Cake Pops

easter egg cake pops

easter egg cake popsRenshaw Baking sent me some goodies last week to make easter themed cake pops.  I like to keep things simple, so we went for egg shaped cake pops which we then decorated to look like Easter eggs. 

Cakes pops are simple enough to make, they just take a bit of time.  Assuming you don’t have a cake pop mould, you make a cake, smash it up and combine it with frosting or buttercream to make a fudgey consistency, refrigerate, shape into whatever your cakey heart desires, and dip in melted chocolate, or candy melts and decorate. 



easter cake pops

Bakerella, I ain’t.  Still, I’m not displeased with my efforts. 

If you want to make these easter egg cake pops, here is how to do it:

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