Roast Dinner Pie

pie of wonderment

Roast Dinner Pie 333

It’s an easy one today, which is fortunate, as I feel like a dying piece of death.  So we are loving our leftovers with roast dinner pie.

I actually constructed this pie on Christmas day, just before I went to bed, with every intention of eating it yesterday.  However, we had turkey quesadillas for lunch, and turkey twice in one day is just too much.  So it had another day in the fridge, and it did it no harm.

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Turkey Quesadillas

turkey quesadillas

turkey quesadillasIt’s day two of my Loving your Leftovers series of posts and today I made turkey quesadillas for lunch.

Quesadillas are fast, easy and really really good.  Ruby and Elliot both like them, and even before we had children, Ross and I would eat them for a quick dinner on a work night.

I can’t claim this recipe as my own, as I found it on the BBC Good Food website, which, by the way, is a really good resource.  I use it when I need to feel inspired and don’t want to trawl through cookery books.  However, I did omit the tomatoes as the ones I had were looking a little sorry for themselves and probably should be cooked.

Fancy making those up there? This is how I did it.

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Loving your leftovers (Christmas edition)

Well, that’s that, then, for another year. ¬†Christmas is over. ¬†Hands up whoever is feeling like they never want to see another morsel of turkey ever again (at least until next year)?

And hands up who has an abundance of turkey left over, in your fridge, looking a bit sorry for itself.

Yep, me too.

Over the next few days I’m going to blog about what I’ve done with my Christmas leftovers, and maybe it will provide some inspiration for what you can do with yours.

So, today, I’m sharing what I did with my turkey bones, and no, I didn’t just chuck them out.¬†

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