Lamb and Mint Koftas

lamb and mint koftasSundays like this call for barbecues.  

Since the weather got a bit nicer, my herb pots have sprung back to life, and since I had some lamb mince in the fridge… lamb and mint koftas it was!  

Ross, light the charcoal: it’s kofta time.

These took mere moments to put together, and I got 6 good sized koftas out of 500g lamb mince, which was pretty satisfying. 

To make these lamb and mint koftas, you need:

500g lamb mince.  Use fresh instead of frozen for a better texture. 
half a red onion, very very finally diced.
1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tsp salt
3 fat cloves garlic, 
a good handful of fresh mint leaves
1 tbsp olive oil – to bind the mix together

This could not be any simpler.  Put everything in a big bowl, and mush together using your hands.  You could put everything in a food processor and mix that way, but I could not be bothered for what is less than 5 minutes work. 

lamb and mint koftas

To make koftas, split the mixture into 6 equal lumps, and shape into a sausage shape around a wooden or metal stick.

If you don’t fancy koftas, you could shape the mix into meatballs, or burgers.  Whatever you fancy. 

As I mentioned, we cooked ours on a barbecue, but if not, stick them under a grill and turn every few minutes until the meat is cooked.

lamb and mint koftas

 We ate these with a tomato and feta salad (using the other half of the red onion), and a simple green salad with caesar dressing, and washed it down with a beer in the sunshine.  T’was lovely. 

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  1. they look mighty fine! Glad you had bbq weather – it was peeing it down all day here! bbq now though as the sun is shining! x

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