Holy Guacamole

guacamoleI like guacamole.  In fact, I love guacamole.  Anything made with an avocado is good in my book.  But especially guacamole.

So I am sure it’s no surprise that I have perfected my own way of making it.  And as long as there are ripe avocados in my kitchen, I will never ever buy pre-made guacamole again.  And after trying this out, neither will you.  A bold claim, I know, but really, this is supreme. 

This guacamole goes well with anything and everything.  Try it smeared on oatcakes, or in a cheese sandwich, in tacos or fajitas, or in the bowl you made it in, surrounded by salty tortilla chips, icy cold beers and a film.  I’ve even been known to make up a batch and eat it straight out of the bowl.  And that is okay; avocados are really good for you. 

So, to make this mole of magnificence that will happily serve two, or one if you’re super greedy, like me, you’ll need:


1 ripe avocado.  Please please use a nice ripe one.  Avocados are usually rock hard in the shops, so buy it a few days in advance, put next to a bunch of bananas in a fruit bowl, and wait until the avocado is good and soft. An underripe avocado will totally ruin this.  

A few cherry tomatoes.  4 or 5 will do, roughly chopped. 

A few drops of hot sauce.  You do not need much of this, a few drops will go a long way to giving the guacamole a spicy hit. 

The juice of half a lime. 

Salt.  Ideally rock salt or sea salt.  Not so ideally, table salt. 

guacamole 2

1) Cut the avocado in half, marvel at its pale, creamy flesh, and mind your fingers de-stoning the bugger.  The easiest way to get the flesh out is to squeeze it directly into the bowl.  This is not a dish to worry about neatness.

2) Grind over a good pinch of salt, add the tomatoes, and the hot sauce, and mash together to make a rough, rustic paste.  

3) Add the lime juice to taste, and have a  play around with the seasoning.  If you think it needs more salt, add more salt, if you like things spicy, or are into trophy eating, add more hot sauce. 




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