Friday Night Dinners – Lemon and Pepper Roast Chicken

It’s Friday, people, what are you having for dinner? 

This week’s video isn’t something difficult at all, and it’s not an expensive addition to your weekly shopping list.  It is simply cutting a lemon in half and shoving it up a chicken, and then grinding a lot of salt and pepper over it.

If you haven’t given this a go before, then why not try it the next time you get your roast on?  You don’t get a full on lemon flavour by any means, but it keeps the chicken really succulent and helps stop it drying out.  When the chook is cooked, there will be lots of lemony juices to add extra flavour to the gravy.

The seasoning on the skin helps it to crisp up.  Even if the idea of a lemony chicken doesn’t appeal, please don’t skip the seasoning – it really makes the skin worth eating.  And anything that helps it to crisp up is good in my book – is there anything more disgusting than flabby chicken skin?

Make the gravy in the exact same way you would without the lemon, make a roux by adding a little flour to the chicken juices, and all those delicious crispy bits on the pan, then add a little wine, and stock or water until you get a consistency you’re happy with.  

If, like me, you make your own chicken stock, don’t discard the lemon.  Instead, put it in the pot with the carcass and a bay leaf and you’ll be left with a lovely tangy stock. 

We ate our lemon and pepper roast chicken with boulangère potatoes, julienne carrots and broccoli, and it was delicious.

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    1. Thank you! We had it with boulangere potatoes (link in post), julienne carrots and green veg.

      Then we had crumble for pudding, like oinks!

  1. Great vid Steph :)
    Have you tried doing the lemon roast chicken with fennel as well. Its delicious! Just chop up a fennel bulb, a lemon, loosen the skin and pop some lemon slices and chopped fennel underneath. Put some lemon and fennel in the cavity and the rest in the pan (the chicken rests on it). Pour over about 200mls of stock (or white wine) and season generously! Roast for 30 mins at 200 (breast side down) then turn chook over and roast for a further 40 mins or so. The fennel in the pan caramelises…yum. The liquid can be siphoned off, fat removed and used instead of gravy.
    Happy cooking!!
    Love to you all xxx

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