Wot So Funee? When Three Year Olds Get The Words Mixed Up

Lately, my Granny has taken it upon herself to teach Ruby little nursery rhymes. It’s really quite sweet, she used to teach me the same ones when I was a little girl, way back in the late eighties.

One particular rhyme is about Little Jenny Wren, a bird who gets sick and is nursed back to health with cake and wine by some kind of Florence Nightingale of the bird world, Robin Red Breast.

Cake and wine? I wonder if that works for humans as well? I think I am going to explore the medicinal properties of baked treats and vino the next time I am poorly.

Obviously thinking he’s a bit of a catch, maybe even somewhat of a lothario, Robin then expects to make Jenny Wren his wife but she rebuffs him in no uncertain terms by telling him she loves him not a bit.

An enraged Robin Red Breast realizes he’s been had and kicks her out of his nest, his departing words to her being “Out upon you, fie upon you, bold-faced jig”

Well, this little ditty has Ruby really quite enthralled.  And she likes to recite it. Unfortunately, it seems she might just have forgotten the words as, the other day, I’d just picked her up from preschool and swooped in for my usual kiss, when she announced:

“No, mummy.”

Then she pushed me away, pointed her finger and shouted,

“fly up on you, po-faced shit”


This post is for Wot So Funee, hosted by Actually Mummy.  Click here for more funny things said by funny kids.

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  1. Yes of course – your Granny has been calling you a po-faced shit for years, didn’t you know?
    Sorry, I’ve just realised I don’t know you well enough to make harsh jokes – you look like an extremely cheerful-faced lovely!
    It does make you wonder if your Granny has been teaching her the wrong words for a laugh though – they can be like that, Grannies ;)

  2. Oh gosh I hope there wasn’t anyone standing next to you when she said that! Hilarious and definitely one for a wedding speech. Shell love you recounting that story to prospective boyfriends too.

  3. There were a couple of teachers milling about, and I am sure they must have heard, God knows she said it loudly enough. I just kind of laughed in a kind of “ho ho ho look at my kid, isn’t she just HILARIOUS” kind of way and scurried on home.

    There is always a chance my Granny has changed the words. She has been known to get up to mischief on more than one occasion ;-D

  4. I didn’t hang around long enough to see the shocked faces. I have reminded her of the correct words now.

    It wasn’t half amusing though.

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