Wot So Funee? Logic from a three-year-old.

Last night my husband was in Birmingham over night at some kind of worky-style conference thing. Ruby reckons his absence gives her licence to stay up late, muck about,  make diva-eqsue demands of chocolate Nesquik in her Little Mermaid cup, and generally be a bit of a monkey about going to bed.

It’s the same every single time.  I put her in bed, read her a story, kiss her goodnight and tuck her in.  She waits until I have just poured myself a drink, fixed myself a snack (and it’s always something she’ll want to share) and sat down to watch a programme on TV that isn’t aired on the Disney Channel.  Then, I’ll hear a pad pad pad down the stairs, a shuffle shuffle shuffle down the hall, and finally, she’ll poke her head round the door, and without saying anything, she’ll park herself on the sofa and ask for a quilt.

Last night I was watching 500 Days Of Summer when she decided to join me.  She commented on a number of scenes (“They are in Ikea, Mummy”, “Why are they both in the shower, Mummy?”, “Can you sing it again, Mummy?” when I was singing the Hall and Oates song) but always went very quiet when I asked her to pop back upstairs to bed, or at the very least go to sleep on the sofa.  Selective hearing, I reckon.

“I am sorry but I can’t” she said finally, with absolute certainty.

“Why ever not, poppet?”

“I can’t go to sleep, Mummy, because my eyes are not shut”


Well, you can’t argue with that.

It’s not just my kid who has comedic flair.  You can read other gems from little treasures by clicking on this here link!

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  1. Love that one! They are so clever, aren’t they? And I suspect the fact that she’s a charming comic, and the effect that has on you has not escaped her! Thanks for joining in Wot So Funee?

  2. This really made me giggle, it so reminds me of our 2 and half year old nephew, you can see his mind ticking over when his Mum and Dad start talking about bedtime and all of a sudden he’s very quietly playing in the corner as though if he’s quiet it might also make him invisible x

  3. My little tantruming three year old was told to go to her room and stay there till she was in a happier mood. Five minutes later she re-appeared at the top of the stairs sobbing and declaring, “I’m happy now Daddy!!”

  4. Haha! Well, funny you should mention that, Dad, as this evening a spider ran across the hallway. Ruby screamed her head off (she’s inherited my crippling arachnophobia) so I told her the best place for her was her bath. She stood there sobbing and declaring “I’m not very happy mummy”

    Then she asked me if I was a killer, because I told her I’d hoover the spider up. She actually said “are you a killer, mum?”


  5. Love this! How old is she? I’ve got a very funny little one at home too, she things she comes out with are hilarious. My favourite one from yesterday was “mummy, broccoli in the olden days, was old”. I’m think I’m going to join in this thread, going to check it out. I really like your blog by the way. I’m new to blogging and am reading lots of new blogs everyday but I really like the look, feel and tone of yours :)

    1. Thanks! She is just over 3 and a half. She’s too smart for her own good, and she knows that saying funny cheeky stuff gets her out of a lot of sticky situations. Kids are hilarious.

      I am pleased you like my blog, I love getting nice feedback like that :) Going to check out yours now!

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