Wot So Funee? Four Year Old Fibs


I think you all have got the gist that my little Roo, the source of most of my blog fodder, the light of my life, my sweet little princess, has started infant school this week.  Ever eager to learn, she skips off into her classroom every day and comes home armed with Biff and Chip books, and artwork she’s coloured in neatly.  Three days in and she’s doing well.

So yesterday, I met up with my friend Kez, mother of Roo’s best friend, and we waited patiently for our tiny ladies to be let out of school.  By the time we’d got round to the pick up point, most of the other kids had already left, which provided me with an opportunity to ask her teacher how she did that day.

“Oh, fine” she said, “She doesn’t like handwriting, but none of them do at the beginning”

I will admit at this point, I was a little confused.  

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A Post About A Little Girl’s First Haircut


There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

And then to smarten her up for her first day of school, her mum went and had it all chopped off.

Roo has been asking for a haircut for months, and the last time my hairdresser came round to tidy up my barnet, and lecture me on the amount of time I leave the bleach on it for, she also did Roo’s first proper haircut.  Doing a little trim here and there after a hairwash to cut off the split ends doesn’t count, and I’d never have the balls to chop off more than an inch or so at a time.

A few days before, she asked me if her hair was going to turn brown after it had been cut off, like in Tangled, which I thought was rather sweet.

I didn’t keep a lock of her hair, though; I thought, being four, it was a little late for that. Instead, I threw her hair trimmings out into the garden for birds to find and make nests with.

How old was your little person when they had their first haircut? Were they nervous? Were you? 

Wot So Funee? Holiday Hilarity from my Four Year Old


Lately, there has been a bit of tension in our household.  A bit of bickering.  My husband and I have been having petty little arguments here and there about this and that, and conversation between the two of us has been short and somewhat snappy.

It’s fair to say, we haven’t really been the best of friends.

We’ve tried to keep it out of earshot of the children, but it came to bit of a head whilst we were on holiday in Devon, with some lovely friends, and all our lovely children.  You see, like a lot of people, Ross and I tend to get stressed out with each other in the car, with directions and parking spaces, and when to ignore the sat-nav.

So there we were, driving around Bude, in convoy with our friends, looking for somewhere to park up so we could have a mosey round the shops and grab an ice cream.  

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A Graduation


Look at this!

The photo on the left was taken back in September, on Roo’s first day at preschool.  On that day, my mother-in-law dropped round to look after Elliot, and Roo and I walked to school.  She was clutching her book bag in clammy little hands and she was a bit jittery, a mix of excitement and nerves.  She looked a bit lost when I left her, but she didn’t cry.  I called my mum on the walk home, and paced around until it was time to pick her up, three hours later, when I was told she was delightful and that she’d had a wonderful time.

The second photo was taken today, at her preschool graduation,

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Buzzy Ballerina

ballet bee

Back in September my little girl started ballet.  She was shy at first, pulled her sad face when I went to leave, and didn’t want to join in.  I wasn’t sure she’d carry on much past Christmas.

Never to be outdone, we persevered, and she went to her dance class every week.  She’s had her ups and downs, and has been adamant she didn’t want to go to ballet, hated it, couldn’t do it, and was scared, but I saw her practicing her plies and skips in her ballet shoes when she thought I wasn’t looking, so I didn’t let her stop.

Pushy mother? Perhaps.

But it paid off.  On Saturday, she performed in her school’s end of year show as a bumble bee, and totally ROCKED it!  She walked on stage and danced with the rest of her class infront of hundreds of people, and then after it was finished, she skipped off stage waving. WAVING!  A year ago that just would not have happened.

Her confidence has come on in leaps and bounds since last September, and we couldn’t be prouder of her.  My sister bought her a Curly Wurly and a Disney Princess magazine as a congratulatory treat, which, as I am sure you can imagine, went down very well.

So, now I am thinking tap? Click, click!