And Just Like That, Summer Was Over

Changes are afoot in this household. Some big changes, some not so big. The international move we had planned has very, very much been shelved. I’m disappointed about it; moving to Amsterdam would have been, frankly, brilliant. But I’m also relieved. Upping sticks to the Netherlands, as exciting and gutsy as it would have been, is not the solution to the dissatisfaction I’ve been feeling for a while, and I’ve learnt this year that everywhere you go, you do, in fact, always take the weather with you. 

And besides, I am not sure how well Ruby would have coped with it all, to be honest. 

So, whilst this summer was a bit mad. Exciting and dreamlike in parts, now it’s back to school and back to normality. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe it’s time I took stock and accepted that this is how my life is. And this is where I live. And this is what I do. And that’s it’s infinitely better to make the best of it rather than sit and dream up ways to escape (who am I kidding? I’ll always want to dream up ways to escape). This morning the alarm was not switched off and I did not go back to sleep for an hour. School uniforms were (begrudgingly) put on. PE kits were shoved in bags. Breakfast was a hasty affair. Teeth were brushed. Elliot reluctantly let me drag a brush through his hair and we were out of the door by 8:30. Just as the first flight from Amsterdam roared low and directly over my house. 

Living on a flightpath with regular flights to the place you were gleefully planning to relocate to was once so exciting. Now it’s all a little bittersweet. But I’m not dwelling on that. I’m working on making my weather sunnier and brighter. 

As I said, changes are afoot. I’m not talking about it yet as I don’t know what’s going on and things are misty and unclear. And yes, I know that’s cryptic, but never mind. So for now, here’s the First Day Of Term photo. Ubiquitous to September when you’re a parent of a school aged child. 

First Day Back

I feel you, Elliot. 

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  1. Hi Steph, I also spent a large preportion of my life dreaming up escapes. I’ve wanted to live in countries all over the world and have in fact lived in Holland as you know. I loved it over there but the longer I was there the more restless I became for a new place, a new adventure. I like adventures. I like excitement and I like fun. I struggle with the every day, I guess I’m just a romantic dreamer. The last few years I’ve settled down a lot but I think it’s because I’m happier. I still love travelling and adventure but know i could be happy anywhere as long as I had Simon and my girls. I hope things settled down for you soon or you find that exciting adventure that you are looking for. Lots of love xxx ps. Great shot!

  2. I feel you. Living here is the longest i’ve lived anywhere since I was free to choose where I laid my hat. It’s driving me a little bit mad & every time I visit my spiritual home (Norway)I am IMPOSSIBLE to live with for weeks after. But, it’s not all about me is it (why not?!) and I know that actually, i’m pretty damn lucky to have what I have and live where I do. Doesn’t stop me dreaming though!

  3. Oh Steph, sorry moving plans have changed.Maybe in the future? It’s hard to get back into normal life when there’s nothing to look forward to.I hope your news has happiness in it.

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