Dear Ruby (Now You Are Five)

Happy birthday, tiny lady, today you are five years old. 

DSC_9730This has been one of the biggest years for you.  In September you started school.  We were lucky – you got into our first choice of school, and are in a class with your best friend.  You took to school like a duck to water, and you love to show me all your work and the things you do there when I’ve come in to your classroom.  You’ve gone from tightly gripping my hand as I walked you to your classroom door to skipping off into school with your friends, without even looking back in the space of just a few short months.  You should know that I always always stand and wait until you have gone inside before I walk home, and you’re always so proud to tell me when you’ve gone on the sunshine board for good behaviour and smart choices, or when you’ve gone up a reading level.  Your handwriting has come on in leaps and bounds as well, and I am always finding sweet little handwritten notes and drawings you’ve done around the house.  

I know you think I chuck them out, but I actually put them on a shelf, safe away from your brother’s sticky little fingers. 

You are currently getting confident with riding your bike.  We’re going to practice a lot at the weekends so that when we go on holiday this summer, you can cycle with us to the shops or to the beach.  I hope the basket and beads for the spokes your auntie bought you for your birthday inspire you to keep going, you mastered your scooter, you can definitely master your bike, too. 


The one thing that hasn’t been so great this year, is your hearing.  Your grommets fell out early in January and your hearing has declined steadily since then.  It took three visits to the doctor, a lot of calls to the ENT department at the hospital and health visitors, and one pretty scary outing of Tiger Mum to get you referred again (seriously, don’t mess with mothers).  I promised you a couple of years ago that I’d never allow us to be fobbed off by the GP again, and I’ve stuck to that, you’ll be having your second (and final) set of grommets put in at some point soon, and hopefully in another year’s time all this will be behind you. 

moors valley roo 2

Five years ago neither your Daddy nor I could imagine what you’d be like today.  We didn’t know what a lovely little girl you’d become.  We had no idea you’d be so funny, so intelligent.  We didn’t know you’d be as sensitive and thoughtful as you are.  Shine on you crazy diamond – here is to the next five!

Mummy x

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  1. Happy Birthday Ruby! She is very sweet. My youngest is in reception and it is crazy how this year turns them from young preschoolers into little boys and girls…

    1. It’s such a crazy year for them (and for us) there is not a shred of baby left in her now.

  2. Tears rolling down my silly cheeks reading this, what a softie I am, but such a lovely post.. And I suppose I relate to it all too. What lucky Mummies we are!! Happy Birthday Ruby, have a lovely day xxxx

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