Dear Elliot (Now You Are Two)

DSC_9905Today is your birthday. You are two years old, and don’t you know it? Last week I taught you how to tell us your age and you’ve been practicing a lot.

“How old are you, Elliot?”


You find talking a bit of a chore, but that’s all right.  You’ve mastered our names, and I am trying to teach you numbers.  I know for a fact you understand everything – you can point out all sorts of objects and vehicles on our daily walks.


Over the last year you’ve become very confident on your feet.  Perhaps a bit too confident.  Getting you in your buggy is often difficult, and when I let you walk you delight in running off, turning back only to deliver the cheekiest of grins.  Just make sure you don’t run too far away from mummy.  I know you think you’re a big boy, but really, two is still a very little age.


You’re a sociable little chap and you like spending time with other girls and boys.  You seem to look up to slightly older boys, but your bestest bud is your sister.  You whimper sadly and point when we drop her at school in the morning, and you always want to play with her or near her.  When she’s not around I have found you in her room, playing with her dolls house or flicking through her books.  You want what she’s playing with all the time, which definitely frustrates her, but watching you two play together makes me swell with happiness and pride.



As well as being a friendly boy, you’re also pretty inquisitive.  Often I hear the scrape of a chair being pushed into the kitchen when I am cooking, and then your little bod popping up next to me to see what I am doing.  You like to help me sort the laundry, or empty the dishwasher and I know I can always rely on you to put something in the bin, whether you’ve been asked to or not.


This year we’ve started going to more groups.  We’ll always go to playgroup on Monday, and we’ll definitely try to get to the singing group more often.  I know you didn’t want to join in much when we went to toddler ballet, but we’ll give it another shot, because I think you just didn’t have a clue what was going on.


This summer we’re going on an adventure to France.  We’ll be travelling on a big ferry and sleeping overnight in a cabin! We’ll have lots of fun days in the sunshine and my goal is to get you and your sister swimming without armbands.  I know that is young for you, but you made such good progress last year that I think we might just get there.



Last year, we had to cancel your birthday party because Roo was unwell.  This year I am going to take you to the coffee shop and we’ll eat your cake with your little pals, and you can have a babyccino, and play with some toys.

I hope you love being two, my sweet little son.

Love you lots,
Mama x



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  1. wow i cant believe he is 2 already!! i remember him being born as I was still approaching my due date. does he share a birthday with Oscar from Dawnie Browns blog??? i know someone does.
    he is such a cutie and it sounds like he and Roo get on so well. lovely letter and i hope he has had a wonderful birthday x x

  2. ooohhh thats so lovely what a handsome chappy he is and im feeling all hormonal brought a tear to my eye how wonderful. love your mini video what application did you use to make it photobucket has gone to pants since the update

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