Dear Elliot (Now You Are Three)

To my sweet, funny little boy.

This year has flown.  You were my cuddly toddler this time last year and now you’re my wriggly Big Boy (your words, you’ll always be my baby), who loves playing Angry Birds and gets a face on when it’s time to go to bed. 


This year we took you to France in the summer and on a cruise in the Autumn.  In France you zoomed everywhere on your scooter, got mysteriously burned on your arm (we think by a barbecue), scared us when you were adamant that “a lady did it”, and ate your body weight in cheese and pastries.  On the cruise you had a whale of a time in the kid’s club, marvelled at sea life at Valencia’s Oceanography centre, and fell asleep in your tapas in Barcelona. 




In September you started preschool, which you love.  Your key worker is Julie, and every sessions begins with a cuddle for her.  You don’t even look back when I leave.  I never really know what you get up to because all you tell me is that you play with the marble run, and pour your own milk at the snack table.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you come out with the occasional painting and a smile on your face, I am happy.


Your speech has come on in leaps and bounds.  You have funny words for things: “cubunger” for cucumber, is my favourite, and “loghurt” for yoghurt.  You can’t say the “tr” sound, and instead substitute with “f”… amusing when you say “truck”.  Your auntie Megan and I have occasionally asked you to say “mother trucker” and “truck off”.  I apologise for that, it’s terrible parenting.  Your Dad is horrified.  So is your Grandma. 

That said, I love our funny little conversations.  Lets keep having lots of them.  


Your favourite books for us to read to you are your Thomas the Tank Engine book, and The Smartest Giant in Town.  If you develop a love of literature akin to your sister, you’ll be a very well read boy indeed. 

Elliot, we love you so very much.  Your cheeky smile and the naughty glint in your eye ensure nothing is ever boring when you’re around, and we can’t wait to see what your fourth year has in store for you! 

Just stop pooing in your pants, yeah? 

Love, always,

Mummy x




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  1. Steph! You’ve made a mini Ross and Steph! Like they are the spitting image of you both! Happy Birthday to Elliot! Congrats on another year as Mummy, Daddy and Big Sis! Blessings to you.

    1. I am loving this age, little kids are so much fun to hang around with. I am making the most of it because you are right about time flying!

  2. Aw this is so lovely!! (my 2 year old calls cucumbers cumacumbers which I just love!). Happy Birthday Eliot what a great year of adventures you have had…hope there’s even more in the year ahead!

  3. Happy Birthday to Elliot! I love these pics especially the last one. Ozzy is an Angry Birds nutter too – it’s like crack for kids. I hope there is lots of birthday cake :) x

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