Wot So Funee: A Chat With My Four Year Old About Babies

Roo and I were talking about babies this morning whilst I was making Elliot peanut butter toast. This is a fairly common topic in our household, especially as her best friend’s mum is just about due with her third.  She’d just done up her jelly sandals when the following conversation occured:

Roo: Mummy, I am going to have some more jelly shoes when I am a big grown up mummy like you.

Me: Are you? Roo, how old do you think you have to be until you’re a mummy?

Roo: (thinks) Maybe… ten.  Or even eleven (matter of factly).

Me: That’s still very young to be a mummy, Ruby.  Do you know how babies come out?

Roo looks at me like I am a complete idiot, and says: They come out of their mummy’s tummy.  And then the mummy is very surprised.  And then the mummy says “hello my baby”, and does a big smile.

(How CUTE is that? I wanted to give her a big squeeze right then)

Me: Kind of, but mostly babies come out of their mummy’s sparkly. (‘sparkly’ is Roo’s adopted word for girly parts.)

Cue a lot of hysterical laughter from my 4 year old.  She thinks I am pulling her leg.  She doesn’t believe me at all. I don’t blame her, it does seem somewhat implausible.

Roo: Babies don’t come out of bottoms, mummy.  I am going to have hundreds of babies.  But none of them will come out of my sparkly, and that is that.

Four years old and too posh to push! Hilarious.

I am linking this up to Wot So Funee, hosted by Actually Mummy.


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  1. Too posh to push – I love it!
    I’m also rather concerned to hear that she calls it a sparly. That kind of leads me to conclude that you have been vajazzled! Have you???????
    Thanks for joining in – that’s a good one!

    1. I have never ever been vajazzled haha! THE VERY THOUGHT! god alone knows where she got sparkly from :)

    1. She’s lovely. The way she sees the world is enchanting. Some of the things she comes out with make me ache with love.

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