Snow Day

This morning, I was just getting ready to get Roo to school.  I’d made her lunch, she’d snarfed down some toast with chocolate spread, her teeth had been brushed and her uniform was on.  I looked at my phone to find a text from the school:


Oh, the possibilities.  Half an hour later we got a message from our friends from up the road, asking if we wanted to go over for snow fun and warm drinks.

Yes please! These friends are FUN! We always enjoy ourselves when we spend time together – we even went on holiday together in the summer.  So midmorning, we bundled ourselves up, and trundled up to their house, chucking the odd snowball at each other on the way.  Roo found a patch of fresh, untouched snow far too tempting not to lie down in and make a snow angel.


Nice chatter, nice biscuits and chai latte.  Just what is needed before heading out for a snowball fight. 

chai latte

DSC_0077 DSC_0079

This is James. He is lethal with a snowball. Lethal!


Elliot and his bestie found the slide way more fun than lobbing lumps of snow around.

DSC_0104 DSC_0106 DSC_0109 DSC_0117

DSC_0124 DSC_0133

After a good hour mucking around in the cold cold snow, we headed back indoors for an epic lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, and home made rock cakes.

grilled cheese

After which, the kids snuggled up infront of Toy Story 2, plumb tuckered out.


Especially Elliot, who promptly fell asleep.  Too sweet!


And as if we hadn’t had enough of the white stuff, when we got home, and whilst dinner was bubbling away in the slow cooker, Ross and I made a snowman in the garden.  He’s a friendly little dude.  I think he looks especially fetching donning my hat and pashmina.


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  1. I am so JEALOUS of that day! Risked life and limb collecting mine at lunch time. Really thought I’d prang the car but, fortunately, nothing was in the way when I skidded A FEW TIMES. My kids had a laugh and I secretly had a near nervous breakdown. We managed the hot choc and a film. Nearly went for Toy Story ourselves. I’ll try to get nearer the rest tom ;)

  2. Oh my days, that photo of Elliot holding hands! You make freaking adorable children.

    Looks like a much more fun than my snow day, which consisted of working from home. Making snowmen and eating grilled cheese sarnies looks like much more fun.

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