Our Meat Free Week (A Challenge)


It occurred to me the other day, that I have probably never gone a week in my life without eating some kind of meat or fish since I was a baby.  I’ll bet my husband hasn’t either, and since they were weaned on to solids, my children certainly haven’t.

I quite like to set myself little challenges at the supermarket.  Usually this is to see how little I can spend on my weekly food shop, but I’ve got this down to a fairly constant £35ish a week, and I’ve been getting a bit bored, so this week I’ve challenged myself to a vegetarian week.  

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You’re so naive, yet so

Back in 2006, when Ross was trying desperately to woo me, and I was trying (and often failing) to play it cool and hard-to-get, I’d spend a fair bit of time at his flat, which later became our flat, in King’s Cross.  We’d have CSI Tuesday, where, as the name suggests, we’d get a Chinese and watch CSI, and we’d have Go Out On The Town Friday, where, as the name suggests, we’d go to a bar and get a bit, well, hammered.

On the way back home, South of the River, I’d listen to my iPod and think about how much I really did quite fancy Ross, and how I really did want to be his girlfriend, but how I really didn’t want to do any chasing.  I’d sit and plan ways to be cute.  Apparently these plans worked a treat because we are married now, and he still thinks I’m cute.

True story.  And one he definitely knows now if he didn’t already.

Anyway, I quite liked The Kooks at the time, and the one song I’d listen to over and over on their album was Naive.  And even now it totally reminds me of Ross.

This post is for week 9 of Mumra’s Playlist, this song reminds me of you

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Barcelona (such a beautiful horizon)

This was our first lunch in BCN, we ate beautiful tapas and drank remarkably alcoholic sangria.

A couple of weekends ago, Ross took me on a much needed break to Barcelona.  I’d never been before, but it’s now one of my very favourite places.  And yes, I did have the Freddie Mercury song in my head the entire time.

We spent a gorgeous weekend wandering up and down La Rambla (and getting suitably ripped off! €18 ham as a starter, I kid you not), lounging about on the beach, and drinking unbelievably refreshing Sangria and Damm beer.  On our last day we took an open bus tour around part of the city and ooooohed and aaaaahhhhhed at all the quirky Gaudi buildings.  We didn’t take Ruby, and in this instance I am glad we didn’t – it was good to be able to stay out late at night, and not hide under shady umbrellas in the midday sun and drink and drink and drink.  But we could have done.  We saw family after family after family with children of all ages, and it would have worked well.  If only Ruby had a passport!

So, on to the photos!  I really got my tourist hat on, and I am pretty pleased with my shots.

Aforementioned Sangria
Where we got royally ripped off
Casa Batlló

The rest of my photos can be seen over on my Flickr page, Barcelona is beautiful, and my photos don’t do it justice, but I tried :)