You’re so naive, yet so

Back in 2006, when Ross was trying desperately to woo me, and I was trying (and often failing) to play it cool and hard-to-get, I’d spend a fair bit of time at his flat, which later became our flat, in King’s Cross.  We’d have CSI Tuesday, where, as the name suggests, we’d get a Chinese and watch CSI, and we’d have Go Out On The Town Friday, where, as the name suggests, we’d go to a bar and get a bit, well, hammered.

On the way back home, South of the River, I’d listen to my iPod and think about how much I really did quite fancy Ross, and how I really did want to be his girlfriend, but how I really didn’t want to do any chasing.  I’d sit and plan ways to be cute.  Apparently these plans worked a treat because we are married now, and he still thinks I’m cute.

True story.  And one he definitely knows now if he didn’t already.

Anyway, I quite liked The Kooks at the time, and the one song I’d listen to over and over on their album was Naive.  And even now it totally reminds me of Ross.

This post is for week 9 of Mumra’s Playlist, this song reminds me of you

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