Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door

For one reason or another, the summer holiday we had planned this year didn’t pan out. We had grand plans to to take the bikes to the Netherlands. We were going to catch the ferry to Rotterdam with nowt but a tandem and the kids’ bikes and go hard or go home. We were going to come back with bigger muscles in our thighs and t-shirt tans. But we didn’t organise anything in time, and so it didn’t happen. 

Sorry kids. Looks like Mama is the only one going abroad this year. 

But in lieu of a jaunt to the continent, we’ve been hitting up beaches on the South coast. A staycation, if you will. We’re big fans of Calshot, Lepe and Hamble – all three easily accessible to us, rugged and breezy. You never leave any of those three beaches without a hefty dose of sea air in your lungs, salt in your hair and rosy cheeks. 

This bank holiday Monday we decided to head further west, into Dorset and along the Jurassic Coast, to a staple of many a geography field trip, and somewhere I’d never been before, Lulworth Cove, and slightly further up to Durdle Door. 

Or Dumbledore, as my kids christened it. Funny little creatures. 

Anyway, I can’t believe I’d never made it to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door before, being the beach lover that I am, and living where I do. Maybe because it’s a bit of a mish to drive there, especially in bank holiday traffic, when everyone is trying to get somewhere in their motorhomes. In any case, I was glad to have made the trip, because Lulworth Cove is just gorgeous. 

We ate a picnic on the green overlooking the cove, had a paddle in the sea, and then let our feet dry whilst sitting on huge chalky rocks. After, we climbed the hill and walked a mile along the cliffs to Durdle Door. You could see out to the Isle of Portland and Chesil Beach. The sea was glistening in the sunshine. The air was fresh, the sky was blue, and the Pokémon were plentiful! (Yep, we enjoy a good Pokéhunt now and then). 

Genuinely, I could have sat on that cliff all day, watching the boats and the sea and the people jumping off the rocks into the water. It was beautiful.

Next time, I’m going to take my swimmers and go for a swim. 

Things to note:

  1. Traffic in that part of the world is heavy, especially in summer and even more so on a bank holiday weekend. Leave plenty of time. Go early. Take things to do in the car. 
  2. Parking. We spent £7.50 for (I think) 6 hours parking. Take plenty of cash – when we went the machines were not accepting cards. It took a while to get into the carpark, but once we were in, marshals were on hand to direct us to a space.
  3. Toilets. Either in the visitor centre on the way down to the cove from the car park, or further down by the beach. There are no toilets on the walk to Durdle Door from Lulworth Cove.
  4. Crowds. It goes without saying. This is a major tourist attraction, and there will be crowds, especially on a nice day. 
  5. We took a picnic, but there are places to get food and drink and an ice cream if that’s more your thing. 


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  1. We have such a gorgeous coastline don’t we? Although it looks like you had far better weather for your visit than we did a few weeks ago. Sorry you didn’t get to Holland this summer, there’s always next time! x

  2. That’s beautiful, I’ve never actually visited the South Coast while I lived in the UK. Something I should definitely tackle on one of my future visits. We do have some gorgeous beaches in Germany though ;)

  3. I’ve only ever been there once and it really is stunning. I have vague memories of a lighthouse there too? You had amazing weather! It doesn’t look like England, the sky is too blue!

  4. The walk from the car park to the view is long. That needs to be said as the walk back is all uphill! E haunting but so worth it. We visited last year and it was the windiest day but clear blue skies. Beautiful spot and you e captured it perfectly.

    1. Ahh yes you’re right Mari! The climb to the top is so, so worth it, though. And also, I think you can park nearer to Durdle Door. There seemed to be another car park at the top of the cliffs. We were down in West Lulworth.

  5. I’ve got to be honest I’ve never heard of these places but they look beautiful. I will have to bear them in mind next time I’m in that neck of the woods. #justanotherlinky

    1. Ahh Cass it’s a must! We took a picnic and chilled and it was glorious. I bet it’s equally amazing on a stormy day, too.

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