Autumn Fashion

Autumn Fashion 2012I am right in the middle of the fashion doldrums and I think its because Auntie Flo is coming to visit, the gnarly old bag.

I can’t really complain too much.  Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and being on the mini pill has kept her away for two and a half years.  Now I’ve stopped breastfeeding, and have no plans to spawn again, I’ve switched back to the combined pill, and will be surfing the crimson wave again on the regular. Oh joy.

So, to cheer myself up, I hit West Quay shopping centre yesterday with my sister, my purse loaded with £35 store credit to use at New Look courtesy of a refund they refused to put back on my card, and a couple of hours to kill in H&M.  It’s been a little while since I fed my shopping addiction, and I was getting twitchy for a new outfit.

I was excited! I know I have said before that I love wandering around clothes shops, looking at trends and styles and colours.  Honestly, I was hoping to come home with bags laden with goodies.  Instead, nothing I tried on really hit the spot and I felt frumpy and unattractive in pretty much everything.  Nevertheless, I came home with a burgundy swallow print t-shirt, some tights, a woollen skirt, and some basic tops.  The oversized knitwear I wanted to cover my ante-period post-kids mum-tum made me look like a plump little bun with oddly round shoulders, and the high waisted skinny jeans fitted well on the tummy, but were saggy on the legs.  There is nothing chic about skinny jeans with knee bags.  Nope, nothing at all.

I can’t say I am massively inspired by my purchases but hopefully that’s just because I am an emotional, crampy, PMSing grump.  The basic tops were definitely needed since my washing machine decided to munch my favourite black t-shirt into a holey, shapeless mess, and I think the colours I chose go well with the season.

What colours are you wearing this season? Have you got any favourite outfits for Autumn?

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  1. This autumn I am mainly wearing blue, brown and green.
    My favourite outfit is the same as last year, and the one before, and the one before, etc.

  2. I seem to have alot of burgundy this year! I love that woolen skirt, was that New Look or H&M?

    PS LOVE Southampton Shops at Chrsitmas (The only time I ever go there so they may be just as lovely the rest of the year!!)

  3. I’ve had that problem with New Look before. Does make me wonder whether they make a habit of treating customers badly. I won’t shop there now because of previous bad experiences.

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