Wot So Funee? Four Year Old Physicist

wot-so-funeeMy daughter has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. If there is something to learn, she’s on it, immersed in it, soaking it all up like some kind of genius little Mensa sponge.  For a little while now, she’s been pretty keen on Space.  I don’t like to brag (much) but I do find it pretty impressive that a four year old can name ALL the planets, in the right order, INCLUDING the dwarf planets, like Ceres and Haumea.  I didn’t even know about Ceres and Haumea until I picked up that book.

Last night, we were reading her Space book together.  I was crudely demonstrating the difference between night and day, using my balled up fist (the Earth) and her lamp (the Sun) when I noticed she had turned to the page about gravity and was asking me about it.  To show her, I tossed her toy bunny up into the air and let it fall on her bed.  I thought it might blow her mind a bit, but she seemed to take it all in her stride, and we carried on reading.

Well, if you are a parent, and maybe if you’re not, you’ll know this week is World Book Week. Today her school did a book sharing morning, which involved the children taking in their favourite books, and the parents staying around for forty-five minutes to spend some time reading with them.

Picture this: It’s just before we are going to leave for school.  Roo brings down her space book and says she wants to take it in for us to read together.  Then she lobs it high into the air with all her might.  We both watch it fall with a loud THUD on the carpet.  She looks distinctly pleased with herself.  This is unlike her, and I am a little surprised.

“Roo, what was that? You know you don’t throw your books around” And then I give her some spiel about how we respect books and how if we throw them, the pages might tear and the spines might break.

She looks at me, square in the eye, and in her sweetest voice says:

“But Mummy, I was just testing out gravity”

Yep, pretty much nothing I could say to that.

I’m linking this up to Wot So Funee? hosted by Actually Mummy.  For more kid hilarity, click the image at the top of this post.

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