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The track I’ve chosen as my theme tune for Mumra’s Playlist is one that I have had massive massive love for since I first heard it almost ten years ago.  I love the entire album, but there is just something about this song… My friend Ve can vouch for this; we spent many many hours listening to it (and discussing just how beautiful we thought Brandon Boyd was) when we really ought to have been sitting in our A-Level classes, learning stuff. At the time, listening to Incubus was miles more important. It reminds me of being seventeen, and those were good days.

And it’s a bit of a no brainer as it clears up a question I get asked a fair bit about the origin of my online identity. So for anyone who was wondering, Voila! Courtesy of Incubus.

“I’m counting UFOs, I signal them with my lighter, And in this moment I am happy”

Mumra Playlist

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