Vivien to the rescue

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve picked out (and bought) the dresses Megan and Katherine are going to wear as my Bridesmaids this summer.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have sorted that out, because it’s not been plain sailing, and out of all our wedding plans to date, that was the one thing that has caused me stress. Not quite sleepless nights (it takes a LOT to stop me from heading off to the land of nod each night) but certainly a fair bit of worry.

One of the very first things I decided after agreeing to become Ross’ wife was who I was going to ask to be my bridesmaids. My girls. My wing(wo)men. It was a no brainer. My sister and my bestie. Easy peasy! What hasn’t been so easy was picking out their dresses.

You see, I’m not wearing a traditional long gown. Without giving away too much (incase my husband-to-be reads this) my dress has somewhat of the fifties about it, as some of you have seen. And I needed something to reflect that for my bridesmaids.

So the search began. And I looked everywhere. I looked into getting something made from Light in the Box, but decided it was a little too risky, scoured the internet and the highstreet for dresses and just when I couldn’t find anything that was right, and in budget (because as much as I drool and swoon, there is nothing by Candy Anthony I can even remotely afford outside of my dreams), Vivien of Holloway came to my rescue. And I had a good feeling about Vivien. The kind of feeling you get when things are about to fall into place very nicely indeed.

Vivien of HollowaySo last week, Katherine (bestie) and I made the trip up to north London to the Vivien of Holloway shop and as soon as we stepped through the door I knew we were on to a good thing The staff were helpful and friendly and the dresses, oh, the dresses. Just gorgeous! Pure retro glamour.

It didn’t take any time at all to find what we were looking for; a minty green halterneck swing dress with a colourful flowery print and matching bolero I’d seen on their website and even though I’m not going to be wearing it at my wedding, I tried it on anyway. All in the name of research ;-D

Within half an hour Kat’s dress was bagged up and paid for and yesterday I went back with Megan and picked up her dress, and the petticoats, and two sweet little belts which finish the look off rather smashingly, and now I can safely say that’s another thing done and ticked off my list. Big sighs of relief all round.

Vivien of Holloway
This is Katherine in her dress. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

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