This Is Thirty

Today I enter my fourth decade on this planet.  What a thought.  I bet my parents feel old. 

For new readers, each year on my birthday I take a photo of my face, sans any makeup and post it, right here.  Just cleansed, toned and moisturised.  Ever so slightly conceited?  Maybe, but meh, who cares?  It’s not often I post photos of myself on the blog at all – usually I am the one behind the camera, or it’s photos of food.  So here you go, me, at thirty, standing in my bathroom.  Please excuse the resting bitch face. 

And incase you are interested, here are the previous year’s photos.

Twenty Nine, Twenty Eight, Twenty SevenTwenty Six 

stephanie chapman 3

stephanie chapman 1

stephanie chapman 2


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Love the idea of taking the pic each birthday too, not conceited at all… Will be lovely for your children when they are older too! :) Anyway, enjoy 30, I hope it’s good to you! :)

  2. What a brilliant idea, anything that marks time these days is a VERY good thing indeed. Gorgeous and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, welcome to the third floor, as my good friend said to me what seems like a very long time ago now! You spring chicken you!

  3. I’m a newbie to your blog this year. I dont really post stuff anywhere but I just want to say what a fab idea and I bloody love your hairdo!

  4. you still look so young and your skin so plump and pretty! not mnay lines or wrinkles either *goes off in a huff*
    i love that you do this i think it is really interesting to look back on x

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