The Graceful Ageing Project (Happy Birthday to Me)

I borrowed this idea from Amanda over at Mandajuice, a blog I’ve been reading for years and years.  I love the simplicity of just taking a photo every year, but also how the photos will turn out to make for a pretty interesting project as the years pass.

All you have to do is take a photo of your face each year, on or around your birthday.  Your face has to be free of makeup.

All makeup.

As someone who never ever leaves the house without at least foundation and a little bit of mascara, the concept of taking a photo of my naked face, pores and all, and then posting it on the internet, thus making it very very public, is a daunting one.

So I feel very brave posting this:

This time last year I was just about to get pregnant with little Elliot, and didn’t know it yet. It was 6 weeks before my wedding, and I definitely knew about that, and we were planning our Big Move to the South Coast.  Such a lot has changed since then.  I reckon you can see it, too; it’s definitely darker under my eyes, my skin isn’t looking as peachy as it did last year, I’m carrying a fair bit more weight (but I’m cutting myself a bit of slack there since I did have a baby three months ago) and you can see I need to sort out that dodgy looking eyebrow.

Best get on to that, stat!

And for comparison, here is my naked face last year.

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  1. oh my word Steph, not that i didn’t know it already but you are sooo pretty, you have NO worries about being seen with out makeup – you have such a natural beauty xxx

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