The Gallery – The Kitchen

So, this week’s theme reminded me of that advert on TV, for Magnet, who design kitchens.

I always wanted a Kitchen designed for me.  They always look amazing.  If I got my dream kitchen it would have a big island in the middle (or, failing that, a lovely round table we could all sit round), one of those poppy-uppy plug socket things, a fancy-pants sink, an under-unit composter caddy thing, a wine rack, space for a breadmaker AND a Kitchen Aid, and a nice big double oven, with a five burner gas hob.

My dream kitchen would always be *immaculate*, everything would always be put away, cupboards would be organised, everything would have it’s place….

Anyway, getting back to the point.  On the Magnet ad, they ask the question “what goes on in your kitchen” and, this is what goes on in mine…

A whole lot of baking…

See why I need that Kitchen Aid? ;-D

This post is for week 83 of The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.

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  1. Oh for a KitchenAid – and enough space to put one! And a big hob, and a bigger oven, and space to cool the cakes (and to get the decorations sticking on my cupcakes beautifully like yours and not falling off and looking a bit sad) – and the tidy up fairies on permanent standby to leap into action as and when required….

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