The Gallery – Self Portrait

I’m taking this week’s Gallery entry very literally, and also merging it with another meme that is doing the rounds on the blogosphere, despite the fact I am over a week late for it.

I am a bare naked lady.

Or at least, my face is.  (This is a family blog, you guys.)

And it’s funny that this should come around so close to my birthday because it coincides with another project I’m starting this year.  I’ve stolen Mandajuice‘s idea of taking a photo of my face, sans any kind of makeup, each year on my birthday.  The idea is that I’ll be able to see how I’m aging as it happens.

Well, my birthday is another two and a half weeks away yet, but it’s close enough.

I never leave the house without makeup on, I will always at the very least apply some mascara and lipgloss.  And under normal circumstances would never ever allow a camera to be pointed at my bare naked face.  So I feel quite brave doing this.

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  1. I’m usually barefaced these days, I used to only go out with foundation and mascara. Having seen the photos I posted, I’m thinking it’s time to reintroduce that rule! Lovely photo of you, I wouldn’t have noticed the barefaced thing if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  2. I mentioned in my Gallery post about never being without eyeliner & mascara – foundation is slowly becoming a ‘must’ too!!

    That’s a lovely pic of you – very fresh-faced :)

  3. You look great – so glowing and peachy! I don’t think you should worry too much about the lack of make-up with lovely skin like yours.

    I look like a zombie without blusher. Pale skin and dark-hair makes me gothy, so I always put the slap on if I’m out and about.

  4. No need to be brave, you look fab, especially for an in the mirror pic. That’s a great idea to do each year on your birthday, about to hit 30 so might give it a try, definitely not brave enough to post though, good on you.

  5. You look great ‘au naturelle’. When I used to do that people would ask if I was sick. So perhaps you read it on my blog that I tattooed my eyeliner. What an invention, no make up and still make up on. Love it.

    You don’t need it though:-)

  6. gosh you don’t need make up, you have lovely skin and features! Whenever I forget to put any on I get asked “are you OK? You look sick/tired…!”

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