The Diner

You might think that after our chocolate-fest at Choccywoccydoodah the other week, Dee and I would be stuffed full up to our necks.  You might think we rolled out of that chocolate shop, clutching our stomachs, unable to do anything other than grunt and shuffle on home, full of confectionery. You’d be forgiven for thinking there is no way we could possibly head to The Diner for enormous cheese burgers and sweet potato fries.

the diner

Well, you’d be wrong.  Indeed, we didn’t have much of an appetite after leaving Choccywoccy, but we had also drunk a fair few bubbles, and we wanted something big and delicious to sop it all up.  So, after a mooch around H&M (and a couple of purchases made – nothing fancy, just a couple of casual tops to pop over jeans or skirts) we waved off my sister at Oxford Circus tube station, and headed back to Carnaby Street, our appetites making a welcome comeback.

the diner

The Diner was quite full, and we had to wait a bit for a table, but no longer than twenty minutes or so, and let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait.  Neither of us could decide between the Arch burger (a 6oz burger topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, monterey jack cheese and a dill pickle) and the California burger (a 6oz burger topped with monterey jack cheese, and guacamole) so we got both, cut them in half and shared.  Both were delicious, cooked to perfection (medium, there is nothing good about a leathery burger) juicy, and perfectly seasoned.  The pulled pork was smokey and the guacamole was creamy – just the way it should be. We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries, which has convinced us both that all fries should be made of sweet potato, and a portion of the fattest, crispiest onion rings you ever did see.  It all hit the spot wonderfully.  So, so good.

the diner food

the diner

the diner

It was a welcome bonus that the waiter, in all his tattooed glory, was pretty easy on the eye as well.

the diner dee

stephanie chapman imcountingufoz

The next time I’ll be eating at The Diner will likely be at Britmums Live in June this year when Dee and I will hit up the Shoreditch branch as part of a raucous night out where we will attempt to paint London town red, and you know what, I can hardly wait!

the diner 1

If you like a burger, and by a burger, I mean a proper hunk of meaty, juicy, goodness, not a flabby, water-filled slab of mank from those Golden Arches, then for the love of all that is Holy, get yourself to The Diner, pronto.


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  1. That is a scrummy looking burger!

    It definitely looks like a place I’d like to go next time I’m in London. Going to hope they expand outside the big city!

  2. Steph, you should try the following burger places in London next time:

    Tommi’s Burger Joint
    Honest Burger
    Meatliquor (if you want seriously filthy meat…)

    I’ve heard super good things about Patty and Bun too, so it’s on my list (this is all coming from the girl who only eats red meat if it’s from a highly regarded burger restaurant…saving my arteries one small step at a time ;) )

    I like the atmosphere in the diner but i always find the food a little hit or miss.

    D x

    1. Oooh thanks for the recommendations! Ross wasn’t too impressed with Byron, but I’ve not been there yet. Ooh I do love a good cheeseburger x

      1. byron isn’t the most amazing…but it’s definitely a solid choice, depending on location, you normally know what you’re getting. the rosemary fries at honest burger are next level good! they have a branch in soho now, but the original is in brixton village market, which is amaaaaazing x

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