The Best Bits of my Home – Things I Wouldn’t Be Without

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There are some things in my house which are completely irreplaceable.  The kind of things that no amount of home contents insurance could ever recover should something happen to them.

The rocking horse, for instance, that my lovely Grandfather presented my daughter with at Christmas.  He made it from scratch, carved the horse out of wood, made the rocker, attached the mane and tail and all the studs around the saddle.  He started it for me, and it’s been about twenty-five years in the making.  It’s a thing of immense craftsmanship and beauty.  One day, it will go to my daughter’s house for her children to ride on.

Or all the artwork my little girl has brought home from preschool.  I have, safely tucked away, the first time she ever wrote her name, and drew a face.  A box she made me for mother’s day, a photo of us both at a preschool session.  Creative expressions of her childhood.

My wedding dress.  Even if I never wear it again, it will always be my favourite and most important dress.  Every time I see it hanging up, in it’s dress bag, I am reminded how amazing my handmade wedding was. It was the best day ever.

My dressing table.  I bought it from an antique/junk shop a few miles away from where I live.  It was the most ridiculous bargain and I just had to have it.  It must have been made at the beginning of the last century and it’s in lovely condition – barely a scratch on it, and plenty of room for all my makeup.

And finally, and most importantly, my lovely husband and our two gorgeous little children.  All three of them know exactly how to push my buttons and sometimes I want to tear my hair out.  But I love them all fiercely and wouldn’t be without them.

What do you have in your home that you wouldn’t be without?

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    1. Good call! I didn’t even think of booze. We only have Advocaat in at the moment, left over from Christmas… Not as good as gin.

  1. Great post. What a beautiful rocking horse.
    I would need my photos. I have a problem with my memory so they are my memory. X

    1. Thanks Kara, that rocking horse is my pride and joy! Ahh photos! I never even thought of those, but you are entirely right.

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