The Belle Dress

It’s done, my most ambitious craft project to date, my first foray into dressmaking, the labour of love that was a Disney Princess Dress for my very own little Beauty.

No Beast required.

And does she like it?  What do you think?

It took a lot of googling and head-scratching (after all, I have not the first clue about making things people can actually wear, for dress-ups or otherwise), a lot of unpicking (my stitch-ripper has never been so used) and a gung ho attitude about the entire shebang (as my mother-in-law said, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”.  And I was a bit afraid, of failing miserably, mainly, but also of not being able to salvage a wrecked dress I’d been saving for the express purpose of making a Belle dress for Ruby.  The disappointment, it doesn’t bear thinking about!)

And I’ve learnt a lot:

  1. Online tutorials often make things look a lot easier than they actually are.
  2. Crushed velour is not an easy material to work with.
  3. Neither is satin…
  4. … or chiffon.
  5. Self adhesive velcro is not kind to sewing machine needles. Always buy the sew on type.
  6. I love a jaunt to Hobbycraft even more now I don’t feel like I need to limit myself to the crochet section.
  7. The look on my kid’s face when she tries on her princess dress is well worth every single finger prick.
  8. I can make something pretty lovely if I set my mind to it.
She’s asked for Sleeping Beauty next.  Uh oh.


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  1. See, the inexpert way of doing things gets things done! I am SO thrilled that you were pushed into giving it a go. The worst that could have happened would be that you had to unpick and restart several times, and that wasn’t so bad was it?

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