Superhero Day

Roo went back to school today after the Christmas holibobs.  Instead of her usual school uniform, the children in her year group were allowed to come into school wearing superhero getup.


To prepare for such an occasion, I’ve been chatting with her on and off throughout the Crimbo break about superheroes, and if she was going to be one, what super power she’d possess.  Then, a few nights ago, after her bedtime story, she said she’d like everything she touched to turn to gold, which left me feeling inspired.  She then said she didn’t want to fly, because there is no flying in school, and didn’t I already know that?


I made her a cape from some shiny gold fabric I picked up in John Lewis (which, by the way, was incredibly tricky to hem), the net skirt, boots and crown are from H&M, and the summery shimmery top is from Gap.  Today she went to school as SuperRoo.

What a lovely imagination my little girl has.  SuperRoo: Everything she touches turns to gold.

But no flying in school.  Didn’t you already know that?

superhero superhero superhero

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  1. Ruby is probably a little young to have the conundrums of Midas explained to her, but a rounded education does need a basic grounding in Greek mythology and that can start at any time. Perhaps Icarus should have been told not to fly by his teachers.

  2. Love those superhero boots – and the outfit is utterly (sorry reading the brilliant Clarice Bean with Daughter – can’t stop putting the word ‘utterly’ into sentences) unique. There is only one SuperRoo (rolls off the tongue). When she gets to big school she can enroll at Hogwarts – lots of flying there.

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