Sunny Summer Siblu Holiday. Sorted!

Siblu banner 200x200 (2)We’re on a bit of a money saving mission at the moment.  The reason? We’ve booked our summer holiday! Score!

We had such a fabulous time last year on our Siblu holiday to the Vendée, that we’ve rebooked for the summer holidays this year.  The only difference is that we’re heading a little further south to Charente Maritime.  This year, we’re staying in a holiday village situated in the middle of a pine forest, right on the Atlantic coast.  There are pools, a climbing wall.  We’ll be 600m from the most beautiful looking beach, we’re taking our bikes, and none of us can wait.  Roo is especially excited at the prospect of crazy golf!

Charente Maritime is a bit further south, so we’re catching an overnight ferry to St Malo, giving us the entire day to drive down through France.  We used to do this every year when I was a kid, and the novelty of sleeping in a cabin has definitely not yet worn off.  We’ll be loading up the iPad for the kids, and packing our picnic bag full of easy snacks to munch on the drive, so nobody goes hungry.

So what will we be doing differently this year?

  1. We’ll be taking a supply of cleaning products.  This isn’t something you’d automatically think about, but it’s worth packing a bottle of fairy liquid, antibac spray and cloths, as none of that is provided.  Who wants to spend hard earned holiday dinero on cleaning gear?  Not me!
  2. Last year we only hired bikes for one day, and instantly wished we’d had them for longer.  We had a trailer and a bike seat for the kids, which left plenty of room to pack a picnic and go for a ride.  Cycling is a really lovely way to get around the Siblu villages and beyond, but bike hire isn’t overly cheap, so this year we are taking our own.  That gives us 3 months to get Roo riding her bike confidently.
  3. This year I am not going to pack fancy going out clothes – you just do not need them.  I reckon we could drastically cut back on what we take now I know how laid back the holiday villages are.  Some of my best holiday memories from last year were sitting out on the terrace, drinking wine and nibbling French cheese with Ross after the kids had gone to bed. Aahh L’Amour!

So yes, it’s April tomorrow, and it’s still cold and miserable.  Bring on delicious sunshine, warmth and a lot of French wine.

Disclosure: Siblu are kindly sponsoring me for Britmums Live in June.  All experiences and commentary are a true reflection of how great our holiday was, and how much we’re looking forward to the next one!

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  1. How fabulous Steph! I missed the opportunity to go on the Siblu holiday sat year as I was pregnant and on and on….
    We loved the look of the villages though and I know you had a lot of fun so hopefully we can go this year.
    Looking forward to see the pictures from your holiday too!

  2. I have so many happy memories of holidaying in France as a child and can’t wait to do the same with my girls. Siblu sounds ideal. And definitely worth going without for when you have that to look forward to! I love the idea of a cheeky glass of wine on the terrace when the children are in bed. Roll on summer!

    1. Siblu holidays are great, and SO geared towards families. The wine on the terrace was absolutely gorgeous, we could hear music coming from the family entertainment, and crickets chirping away happily. Starry, balmy evenings. GORGEOUS!

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