Summer Fashion Wishlist

maxi dressOur summer holiday is nearly upon us.  We are literally counting down the days until we drive on the ferry and sail over to France for a week.  I can’t wait for the sunshine and the beach and the pool, and did I mention the sunshine?

And as a reward for shifting some fairly stubborn lbs earlier on during the year, I’m treating myself to a few new summery bits and pieces.  

I’ve got my eye on maxi dresses from New Look.  Something colourful and floaty in a light chiffon fabric.  Maxi dresses are comfortable and on the whole, pretty flattering – they accentuate my arms, which I like, and hide away lumps and bumps.  Slip on some sandals and a pair of sunglasses for a chilled out beachy look, or team with with a denim jacket for if the sun goes in. 

shorts top

I’m also keen on some high waisted shorts. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t go near anything high waisted before losing weight and toning up.  You know when you make a joke about something that is actually true?  Well, that was me about high waisted garments.  “I can’t possibly wear anything high waisted, because that cut makes me look like my bum has migrated round to the front”.  Titter titter.  How droll.  But since the great stomach shrinking that was, I’m game to try a pair.  I’ve got a coral sleeveless blouse that would go perfectly, or failing that, I think this floaty printed top would do the trick quite nicely. 

In association with New Look.

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