Summer Clothes for Kids

The summer holidays mean a break in routine, it means the kids playing outside in the garden til late, it means picnics in the park, trips to the beach, paddling pools and holidays.

My kids do like to watch a bit of TV, but on the whole they are pretty active little people – they love going on fairy hunts at country parks, or racing each other around the park on their scooters.  I can open up the back door and they’ll spend ages playing in the garden.  And their clothes really have to reflect that.  When I buy clothes for them, I like them to be robustly made, easy to wash, comfy, but most of all, I like my kids to dress like kids.  Shorts and t shirts are standard for my boy when the weather is warm, likewise Roo usually chooses dresses she can get on and off easily, so she can be first in the swimming pool.

I really like the holiday shop at Alex and Alexa, their range of kids summer and holiday clothes are just the kind of things my offspring look great in, and it’s way too easy to spend ages perusing the website, putting together outfits for them.  This stripy t-shirt, for instance, could be dressed up with long shorts for an evening out, but equally, toddler son could happily scrap around in the garden or the park wearing it.  

stripes are nice

And I know my girly girl would love this dress; its versatile and very cute, she could wear it with a cardigan thrown over her shoulders in the evening, or with her trilby and sunglasses at the festival we are going to in August.  

If you know me, you’ll know that clothes shopping is pretty much my all time favourite activity, and these days, I almost have more fun dressing my kids than I do picking out my own wardrobe. 

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