Strawberry Fields Forever

This year, to celebrate Father’s Day, we went to Crockford Bridge Farm, to pick strawberries.  And I think I’ve mentioned before that one of my daughter’s favourite and best things to do is eat.

So you can imagine how much fun she had picking (read: eating) plump, juicy, ripe, delicious strawberries.

I hadn’t been to a Pick Your Own farm since I was a really really little kid.  I think it had probably been about twenty years, and I was left wondering why we haven’t gone more; it was such good fun, and the fruit was so unbelievably tasty.  We ended up taking over two kilos home and we were still getting through them up until this evening.

And Crockford Bridge Farm was great – we’ll definitely go back later on in the season when they have more fruit and vegetables ripe for the picking.  The ice cream parlour wasn’t half bad, either.

But I think the photo that really sums up the day is one of little Roo, who, like I said before, just loved those strawberries.

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