Spring Colours

There is a lady who lives up my road.  She has at least three kids and she is always immaculate. God knows how she finds the time.  Her hair is always glossy and perfect, she always has a tan.  It’s definitely fake bake or something similar, we have just waved off an English winter, after all. She always has a full face of makeup on, and she bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays.

It’s not the look I tend to go for, but I am impressed at her mad time management skills, and dedication to keeping herself preened.  I have never once seen her pop to the corner shop in her jim-jams and Uggs, for instance, or flash the postman in a attempt to catch a delivery, or even apply her lipstick in her rear-view mirror.  We are talking some serious minutes spent sitting infront of a mirror every single day.  If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is!

She’s also super nice, and always waves and says hello when we see each other on the street.  When I cut off my hair, she told me it looked fabulous.  I think I quite like Frankie Sandford Lady.

Jesus, make a point!

Anyway, I figured, if she can do it, then why the hell can’t I?  (Because I am inherently lazy, that’s why).  My makeup bag was looking a bit knackered.  I am not going to admit to how long I’ve had some of my makeup, but let me tell you, it’s far far longer than the recommended six months.

It’s amazing I haven’t had an eye infection from some of my eyeliners, they are that old and manky.

And I like doing up my eyes.  I like to have quite pale lips, and then go to town with my kohl pencil and mascara.  I also find that by using a primer around my eyes, I can hide the unsightly bags I have going on.

So yesterday, I nipped into Superdrug, to visit my good friend Barry M, and Barry did not disappoint.  I have made the most of this season’s trends and purchased a mint green nail varnish, a green kohl pencil, a mauve kohl pencil, a white kohl pencil, an eyebrow pencil, and a pearly white eyeshadow.  I have dragged myself out of my makeup doldrums and am embracing the lovely spring time we are having.

Here are the results!  Fresh faced or what?

I do wish the green kohl pencil was a bit easier to apply – it is quite hard and doesn’t show up unless I pull my bottom eyelid tight and draw hard, but I am hoping that is just because it’s new.

I don’t think I am going to get much of a look in with the green nail polish – Ruby seems to have adopted it as her own.

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  1. You have stunning eyes! I wish I knew how to apply make up – I need to go on a course! I think you look really lovely x

  2. I paid Urban Decay a visit the other day … my brows have never looked so good and I cannot live without their eye shadow priming potion.
    For soft liners though, I am still in love with my Vie ones from when I was a consultant. So long as you are sharpening, you don’t need to worry so much about how long you’ve had them, it’s the mascara that needs to be binned every three months!
    As for the nails, I tried a green recently, looked like I’d tried to colour my nails with a highlighter pen. Did you say yours was a minty hue? Can I try it out?

  3. You look really lovely! Fresh as a daisy :) Inspiring.. because it has been a long, long time since I experimented with makeup colours on an average day…. I used to be make up queen (in a good way) but these days it is literally mascara and a lip gloss at best :/

    I tend to be really jealous of those put together mummies, like the lady down your road, how the heck do they do it? I can literally pull it out of the bag maybe once a week but quite frankly I’m too lazy/comfortable to care the rest of the time.

    It does make you feel better though doesn’t ? Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, ladies.

      Frankie Sandford Lady really likes to doll herself up, she’s always tottering down to the school in platforms and stuff when she picks up her kids. More power to her I say, she always looks really happy.

      Dee, you definitely can try my nail paint. It needs a few coats, but most Bazza M stuff does I think. It’s LOVELY!

  4. Lady, you look amazing! Will have to go and check out the new Bazza M stuff when I’m in town tomorrow.

    Its always astounding to me how different a bit of slap makes me feel. I love it x

  5. Oh you have totally inspired me. My make up bag is disgusting and I don’t think I have bought any new colours since before Miss M was born… she is now (cough) 14 months… Will make a concerted effort to purchase some fresh colours this weekend :)

  6. Wow check you out pretty lady!

    I think that woman would annoy me. People who are too perfect and nice are just weird. I don’t think it’s right ;)

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