I’m going to find it really hard to sum up how epic our trip to Snowdonia was.

(Aside from the man at the hostel, who got really cross with me for *gasp* nicking some of the coffee for my flask.  Put up a sign, dude.  And calm down.)

So, here are a lot of photos, with a bit of explanation, and maybe a .gif for funsies,

snowdon miners track

We started off up the miner’s track at 9am sharp.  Its a pleasant start to the climb that lulls you into a (false) sense of security that conquering the highest mountain in England and Wales might not be too hard. 

snowdon miners track 2

On the first part of the walk, we passed some truly magnificent scenery, beautiful foothills and lakes.  We breathed in lungfuls of fresh air and it was really rather lovely. But there, ever in the background, was Snowdon’s looming summit.  Suddenly, those jokes I made in the car about Snowdon actually being a teeny tiny molehill of a mountain didn’t seem so amusing and I got the distinct impression I was about to eat my words.

snowdon 3

How much does this photo remind you of the Lord of the Rings? I did kind of feel like we were some kind of fellowship. No Hobbits to be seen, though.  Or Orks.  Hooray!

snowdon frozen lake 1

Despite the fact it was pretty nippy, as this photo of a frozen lake demonstrates, we all felt way too toasty in our layers.  The frozen lake was about an hour into the trek.  We stopped for half an hour or so, ate some super cake, made by Gemma and I drank my contraband coffee.  Then the hard work really began.  I don’t have many photos of this part of our climb, mainly because I was concentrating hard on not falling off a mountain.  Needless to say it was steep to the point of scrambling up over rocks in some parts, and there was a fair bit of snow and ice.  Days later I can feel muscles in my legs I didn’t know I had.

snowdon marit

This is Marit.  She was one of our guides for the day and she was top banana! I felt so safe under her guidance, and we had some good chats.  Marit gave up her time to herd us bunch of mountain novices up Snowdon early on in the year, when the weather is changeable and situations can change fast.  She’s an all round good egg.

snowdon summit

At this point the hardest part was over, and it was a gentle walk up to the summit.  We were about half an hour away from the very top at this point.

snowdon view 1

Look at the view! Stunning and humbling. You see the lake at the bottom which looks like it has a stripe through it? That is the frozen lake from a few photos back.

snowdon danielle

Danielle managed to get some all right signal on the top of the mountain.  We all wore red lacy knickers over our trousers – even the boys! WELL fetching!  They reminded us why we were doing the climb in the first place, and we got mistaken for a hen do on a number of occasions.  That said, it was a sort of hen do; Mari postponed her hen night to come with us, and wore her bride-to-be sash all the way to the top, the legend!
Snowdon Summit

This is me at the summit.  It felt amazing.  I couldn’t stop grinning.

snowdon trigpoint

snowdon summit 2

There is a cafe on the top of the mountain.  It was shut, which was probably a good thing, as we might have been tempted to stay at the summit all afternoon.  I reckon I could have gazed at those views all day.  We ate our packed lunches, kindly donated by YHA for free, and the epic epic Gower Cottage Brownies, sent to keep us going, which they certainly did.


Danielle putting on her lipstick at the top.  Which I thought was fabulous! I bet next to no one gets out their makeup bag on the top of Snowdon.  In the pub after we were finished, she scurried off to get changed and emerged looking glam.

snowdon llanberis path 1

And so after lunch, we begun our descent.  This photo makes it look gentle.  It wasn’t.  It took ages, was steep in some parts and toes were definitely squished in boots.  Amazingly, no blisters though, thanks to the socks Hi-Tec donated to us.snowdon summit sign llanberis

post snowdon pint

A pint had never tasted so good.  Kate, Bruce, and I sunk our drinks pretty quickly.  I’d have loved to have stayed longer and drunk more with everyone, but Annie, Jennifer and I had to get back down south.

On the way home I challenged Annie to get us out of Wales before it got dark.  We only just made it.  We also stopped at Telford services for a grubby Burger King, after coveting fish and chips for a good hour or so beforehand.  Sadly it was too dark to play our dubious game of “Student or Sex Offender” on the M6, but the drive home was pretty hilarious all the same.  It certainly didn’t feel like five hours.

I may have made this post light hearted and hopefully a little amusing, but it’s really important to remember why we climbed Snowdon in the first place – all in aid of Comic Relief!  Please know that your sponsorship and support meant the world to us and kept us going all weekend.  Thank you.

Team Honk Snowdon are, Annie, Penny, T, Gemma, Kate, Laura, Mari, Greg, Marit, Al, yours truly, Danielle, Hannah, Kat, Jennifer, Nikki, Bruce, Kim, Emma, Leela and Stefan,




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  1. Well done to you all!! Such an amazing thing to do, and so wonderful you could share it with us too :) I hope you’ve managed to raise plenty of money to make you feel even prouder of your achievement!

  2. I enjoyed this post and felt proud of all of you, but then came across One Direction who are surely an insult to any thinking person. I feel violated.

  3. You are ALL amazing! Where does Danielle blog? She seems like my kind of gal applying the lippy on the top of a mountain! I would do that clearly to keep them moist ;) Again, great job x x

  4. Gorgeous pics, just stunning! Well done you and so good to hang out with you again (even if I temporarily forgot last time we met – sorry – you were the one sticking a video camera in my face then!) Love the lipstick thingy too xxx

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