Silent Sunday

imcountingufoz silent sunday sparklers

silent sunday

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    1. They are not difficult :) You just take a photo, whilst creating a shape with the sparkler. If the camera is set on auto mode, the shutter speed will be slow enough for you have have repeated the shape a few times, if you get what I mean.

      Sorry you’re unwell. We were meant to go to a display but decided it would be too much for the kids, so we all did sparklers in the garden.

    1. Its really easy, a slow shutter speed and waving a sparkler around to make a shape over and over will do it.

  1. Brilliant – we will try and give it a whirl. In our BC days we had friends who’d line up and make sparkler words (*ahem* – not to be repeated) to be photographed. Now with kids it’s hearts and circles…

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