“Have you seen my OTHER Timepiece?”

Do you wear a watch?

Its one of those things I always mean to put on, but then never remember to.  Unlike my sunglasses, which are an accessory I pretty  much always have to hand.  About a year ago I found a watch my parents gave me for Christmas years ago, I love it.  It has a pink perspex strap, and the face is blank, and I love it.  Anyway, it had been in a drawer for god knows how many years and the battery had died, so I took it to be repaired, as I’d got it into my head that I simply MUST start wearing my watch again.  

I had no idea that a lot of places can only change watch batteries for brands they stock.  It didn’t occur to me that a watch battery might not be completely generic.  

Mine is a Storm watch – thinking about it, all my adult life I’ve had Storm watches, and I’d always gone to the Storm shop in Carnaby Street to get them sorted out in the past, but there is no Storm watch shop in Southampton, and not many places down here stock storm watches.  

Obviously my watch is tres chic, and you can get one from The Watch Hut if you can’t find one in the shops. 

Eventually, I found a place who a) would replace the battery for me, and b) was happy to wrestle the back of the face off, and fifteen minutes, my lovely watch was alive and ticking once more. 

Typically, I wore it for about a week before I stopped again, and it’s on my bedside table, looking a little forlorn.  Maybe I’m just not a watch kinda gal.  Maybe, because I always have my phone about my person (except for when I don’t) I just glance at that to tell the time.  

So, I ask you, readers, do you wear a watch?  Is it a necessity or a fashion piece? 

Bonus points if this makes you laugh

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